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She Wolf – David Guetta ft Sia

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Videos
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Dear Sia, please write my dirge and perform it.


Titanium – David Guetta & Sia

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Videos
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I love this song. Sia vocals are perfect as always.

Sia – I’m in Here

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Lyrics

I’m not sure how I seemed to miss that Sia had a new album out months ago! In any event, great music.

I’m cold, where are the covers?

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I’m cold at the moment and I do need some covers to get to sleep tonight, but the covers I’m referring to are actually not for warmth. I’m talking that good good remix of a song. Below is a list of some of my favorite covers. Some of the best covers are from this popular UK radio show. Also, I am tempted to say every Beyonce song since she basically steals other people’s music, but I like her too much to say that.

Sia – Gimme More

The Fray – Heartless

Britney Spears – My Prerogative

Alanis Morissette – My Humps

Natasha Bedingfield – Chasing Cars

Robyn – Since You Been Gone

There’s just something about covers that I love, and as you can see ones that tend towards the softer, more acoustic version of upbeat songs. It’s almost as if another artists’ reinterpretation of the song makes it clear why the original is even more epic…it just needs a powerful vocalists.

Sia’s Gimme More and The Fray’s Heartless covers are my main pieces of evidences. You take the bubble gum pop and hip-hop more seriously as art forms when song as folk songs instead of in their respective  style. Or they can subvert the meaning of the song in the case of My Humps and Since You Been Gone, as Alanis’ wailing of her humps seems like much more of a burden than the delighted gifts Fergie praises. And, Robyn’s musicality and lack of screaming makes it less vengeful and less of a girl power anthem, making it a seeming plea to reunite.

It would be great to see more artist cover other artists or at least to reinterpret or rearrange their songs, like Gaga did with Pokerface. The show of musicality will gain tenure in the business and fan credit.

I guess this is the start of it!

I’m supposed to post my favorite song, but the problem is that the metric I would normally use is what my iTunes playlist tells me I’ve listened to most. The only problem being that I recently lost all data, so I’ll do a mix of what my favorite song was (according to iTunes previously), what is is now and my actual favorite song.

Old iTunes: Regina Spektor – US

I didn’t even know who Regina Spektor was until college, but since I’ve liked many of her songs. Samson, Fidelity and Better are all really good songs that consistently stay at the top of my iTunes. Fun fact, she came to Harvard’s Lampoon and didn’t sing. I can be found quoted in The Crimson talking about it.

To be quite honest, I don’t really have a reason for liking the song other than that it sounds great. I like her voice a lot, and she does a great job showing it off here.

New iTunes: Nicki Minaj – I Get Crazy

It goes without saying that this would be my anthem. Kidding. But I just love how random Nicki is and that she says she gets crazy, so crazy she’s just going to get on her broom and fly far, far away. That’s actually my favorite line of the entire song.

Also, I love jerking my head to this song. This song will bring out the innermost Negro in me. Like you play this song and my body won’t not react.

Favorite Favorite: Beyonce – Resentment

This song is great because it just is. It’s on the epic B’Day album, home to Irreplaceable, Irreplaceable (Spanish, which is much better), Beautiful Liar, Welcome to Hollywood, Upgrade U, Flaws and All, Freakum Dress, Deja Vu, Ring the Alarm and Ring the Alarm.

Also, as part of Beysus’ video anthology for which this song is not included, I had to discover it all on my own. And was I ever happy that I found this hidden gem. It has no video but is actually not even necessary. You can feel the lament in her voice and require no visuals, nada, none. Yes, Beysus, Yes!

The title and the meaning all center around resenting someone that has betrayed, and obviously the grudge-bearer that I am would identify with this song greatly. I am often “too full of resentment” and “doing that best that I can” and that “I’ve tried and I’ve tried to forgive this.” Should I just recite all of the lyrics?

Honorable Mentions

These two are honorable mentions because I actually can’t distinguish my love for just one of their songs, all receiving equal play from the albums in my iTunes. But I’ll give you the stand out song, the one that stirs me most or the one that welcomed me.

Sia – Breathe Me (Live)

Adele – Hometown Glory (Live)

At first I was going to discuss them separately but I really just can’t even. If you listen to these songs and feel nothing, you don’t exist to me and you have no soul or heartbeat. These two women are epic vocalists, and even better live (why I included those links).

Sia is my shit and has been since her cover of ‘Gimme More‘ that is to die for and Adele was brought to me via a Harvard CDT showcase. The seemingly amelodic, raspy, raw quality of Sia’s voice digs into the soul and I feel what she feels. Her entire album is great, and will really help you wallow in your own misery when you need that good pity party of 1. And Adele’s mature sound is just icing on the talent cake, she was 19 she sang that song – Nine mutha fuckin Teen.


I guess I can’t actually narrow down a favorite song, and I’m sure most people can’t. The all are associated with different moods and needs at the time. So I guess I’ll just say these are all my favorite, but Resentment is the actual winner. It’s just so me.