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Call Your Girlfriend (cover) – Erato

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Videos
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Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Videos
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So amazing

Again, I don’t really support the whole ‘leave who you’re with because you found another’ mentality but I like the video for this song. It’s not flashy, it’s just Robyn dancing. And it’s not terribly good dancing, but it is her.

I go mental every time you leave for work
You never seem to know when to stop
I never know when you’ll return
I’m in love with a robot

In the night, call you up and
Wanna know when you’re coming home
don’t deny me, call me back
I’m so alone

In the night, wait up for you
Even though you don’t want me to
Go to bed, leave the lights on
what’s the use

So you want to understand me
You just see what you want to see
there’s no way I can help you out
You don’t know what it’s all about

Interesting how I loved this artist, loved her even more, the resented the song that made me like her and then found this perfectly fitting song. And the robot is gone.

Secret Messages – Secret messages hidden in company logos. The Amazon one is the only one I was previously unaware of.

Harsh Payoff – So the Tiger Mom did a good enough job raising her kids that they got into both Harvard and Yale…depending on how you view success

Batman & Robyn – Gays love Robyn, Robyn loves the Gays.

Losers can win too – Pia, one of the better Idol talents, was recently voted off…and then signed to Interscope.

Pop stars gotta work – The newest crop of pop stars have been following an unspoken rule: work non-stop for 3 years, and then take a break OR fade into irrelevance

Cardiac Arrest – Teddybears ft Robyn

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Videos
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Robyn Concert

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Ramblings
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I have to admit that I haven’t been to a concert indoors that I paid for in about 10 years. The last one was Nas, the Fugees, SWV and really all of the hot artists then.

To say that I was frustrated would be an understatement, but let’s start with the positive. The opening act, Maluca was really good. She was a NYC-blatino (dominicana) with really good beats.

Now to the worst part. General Admin tickets are not for me, the pushing and shoving was actually too much.

I was elbowed and danced into enough to move several times.
It’s funny how everyone thinks everyone else is rude, especially the people throwing elbows. I actually really wanted to assault many people.

On to Robyn specific peeves. The crowd was 80% gay male, so the egos were really sickening. Everyone thought they were hot shit, their friends were fabulous and that they needed to be as close as possible without regard for anyone else.

I had the misfortune of being behind a grenade/walrus who ingratiated himself to another group and bitched about everyone’s behavior. But lest we not cast stones…

And here’s what I think killed me tonight: a great realization about my ambivalence towards ‘universal rights.’

Gay white men and those who are assimilated or culturally congruent are (some of) the rudest and most racist people on this earth. Now let’s qualify this scholarly claim…

Gay white men as white people have something called white privilege. It means they are often conferred an inherent advantage because of societal constructs that have given an advantaged status to white people. Fine. But, here’s where I take issue; the sense of entitlement that comes from being a ‘victim’ who doesn’t have equal treatment and is an ‘oppressed’ group is actually quite sickening when you pair it with white privilege.

The narcissism and ego that results makes these men feel like they own the world in which they live yet are victim to the very same place when life does not go their way. And by no means is this only a response to tonight’s event. It is something that I have realized over the last 4 years. I think I’m going to liken it to Martin Niemöller‘s quote.

Robyn was pretty good aside from all of the stuff mentioned above, although her set was only 1.5 hours. And it wasn’t all singing, it was maybe a bit more than an hour of actual singing.

Praise Beysus

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Lyrics
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Beyonce! She’s my queen. Now that I’ve written for Christina, and I hope I keep writing for her because she’s a f**king powerhouse, but Beyonce is my queen – Robyn

Booked: Robyn 11/2 – Terminal 5

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Lyrics
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It’s booked, me and Robyn will be together 11/2/10 for her show at Terminal 5.

This will be maybe the first concert I’ve gone to in 10 years, and probably the second or third ever. I’m excited, although I forgot how expensive ‘entertainment’ is…and the surcharges…and processing fees…and ticketing fees. Now that’s not as entertaining.

I did a quick discography check on wikipedia to make sure I liked enough songs and it became a no-brainer.

And it reminds me of a new rule: if they can’t sing live, I’m not going. I would go see Sia, Adele and Sara B (who was great at Yardfest) for a reasonable price, and probably Kanye or Beysus for the entertainment value alone. Rihanna and any rapper will never have my money – not even Minaj.

Robyn + GG = <3

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Ramblings
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Robyn will be making a cameo on GG! All kinds of win.

I’m cold, where are the covers?

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I’m cold at the moment and I do need some covers to get to sleep tonight, but the covers I’m referring to are actually not for warmth. I’m talking that good good remix of a song. Below is a list of some of my favorite covers. Some of the best covers are from this popular UK radio show. Also, I am tempted to say every Beyonce song since she basically steals other people’s music, but I like her too much to say that.

Sia – Gimme More

The Fray – Heartless

Britney Spears – My Prerogative

Alanis Morissette – My Humps

Natasha Bedingfield – Chasing Cars

Robyn – Since You Been Gone

There’s just something about covers that I love, and as you can see ones that tend towards the softer, more acoustic version of upbeat songs. It’s almost as if another artists’ reinterpretation of the song makes it clear why the original is even more epic…it just needs a powerful vocalists.

Sia’s Gimme More and The Fray’s Heartless covers are my main pieces of evidences. You take the bubble gum pop and hip-hop more seriously as art forms when song as folk songs instead of in their respective  style. Or they can subvert the meaning of the song in the case of My Humps and Since You Been Gone, as Alanis’ wailing of her humps seems like much more of a burden than the delighted gifts Fergie praises. And, Robyn’s musicality and lack of screaming makes it less vengeful and less of a girl power anthem, making it a seeming plea to reunite.

It would be great to see more artist cover other artists or at least to reinterpret or rearrange their songs, like Gaga did with Pokerface. The show of musicality will gain tenure in the business and fan credit.