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I am being impressed with this group. These covers are just ev.ver.ry.thing



I get where this is going but it is quite graphic.

Yet, I do think this sorta make his whole reunion with Rihanna that much more questionable. As whoopi would say: you in danger, girl.

Shit Rihanna Says

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Videos

The shit that is going on with these two is out of control, and I have many opinions.

So basically, Rihanna made a video that shows her relationship with Chris Brown and essentially how awesome it was. And C Breez is dating a Rihanna look a like. Great, they are not over each other, that’s cute. Right? No.

Billboard brought up some good points:

In the three years and nine days since that infamous, brutal, incredibly disturbing Grammy night attack in 2009, there has never been a point where you’ve publicly proclaimed, "Go fuck yourself, Chris Brown; you will never speak to me again.

Because that "fuck yourself" moment has never occurred, we can only deduce that, whether or not your current relationship with Brown is even slightly romantic, there is something holding you back from cursing this dude out of your life forever

But, in all honesty… you can’t do you, Rihanna. Not here. Not with Chris Brown. Because like it or not, millions of people are paying attention to you, trying to be as cool as you, attempting to find love in a hopeless place and wondering if it’s okay to walk down the same dark alleyway twice. Young girls look up to people like you to guide them through circumstances too complex for them to tackle on their own, and by granting Chris Brown an iota of tolerance, you implicitly encourage others to consider doing the same.

And then I thought, well, who the fuck am I to pass judgment when I don’t really know their situation. Until I read this report which provides the brutal occurence of what happened that night. There was punching, biting and more punching.

What the fuck, Rihanna? What the fuck?

Birthday Cake – Rihanna

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Videos
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I love this song, and if you knew what cakes are you would giggle even more #cakecakecakecakecakecake

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In Living Color! – Fox is bringing back ‘In Living Color,’ and it’s likely going to be epic.
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Rihanna = Madonna – Article lays out why Rihanna is the ‘new Madonna.’ Actually, I fully support this hypothesis.
Sherzinger Speaks – She admits that she’s ruthless and selfish, if only we could all be so honest.
Kim K Dunzo – Kim Kardashian is divorced after 72 days, which is a very strategic brand move. You mean you weren’t thinking of this as a branding decision?

We Found Love – Rihanna

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Videos

Awesome video visually, but the drugs and abuse? Really Rihanna. Let’s not condone these types of behaviors.

Addendum: Upon further review, I have decided I’m OK with this video a bit. If you’re a young person that has never been in a relationship, the message is a poor one because it glorifies many of these bad behaviors. If you have been in a real/serious relationship, then this video is awesome. The rising action of the video as it starts off slowly, and builds; the faster climbing action that is ignited by pupils dilating. Finding love feels like this, and once you’re on that drug you really never want to let it go. The video does a good job of chronicling a relationship and resonates well with the lyrics of the song — the idea of wanting back what is bad because at least the good stuff will come back too. Eventually, it stops working out and you get sick of that particular drug and have to move on. Major kudos to the director of the video or whoever wrote the storyline for it.

Cheers – Rihanna

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Videos
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I don’t love the video, but I do like the song…mostly because it samples Avril.

Price of a hit song

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Lyrics
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example is based on Rihanna

More details at the source

S&M (cover) – Sam Ronson

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Videos
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In ‘obvious news that is obvious‘ news, Britney Spears has a dance double for her newest video.

Ester Dean is epic.

She wrote the song ‘Drop it Low’ which is my shit. I will get the eff up out of my chair/seat and go in when this song plays. She’s epic though because she wrote the song for Ciara, who didn’t record the song, and also wrote Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ and ‘What’s My Name (Oh Na Na)?’ AND Katy Perry’s ‘Firework.’

Rihanna – S&M

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Lyrics, Videos

Cool video…did anyone else notice Perez Hilton?

What’s My Name (Oh Na Na) – Rihanna

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Lyrics, Videos

This song is the shiz. I can’t believe I used to dislike Rihanna, but her songs are all really good. I think she’s comparable to Lady Gaga in her recent music dominance.