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Office Party

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Although this has never happened to me, I sometimes feel like this happens in larger corporations when we celebrate Black History Month at work. As the sole black in my group, I have anxiety that this is eminent.

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Um, really? The lips, the eyes? Jar Jar Binks?

Kute little racist

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The ever egoistic Kanye has struck again, and made me like him even more than I do (that’s a lot). But his response to a Ustream commenter that asked him why he’s such a racist was met with a terrific (to me) response.

“I actually don’t know a rapper before me that liked white people more than me. I don’t know a rapper that wore tighter jeans. I don’t know a rapper that collaborated with more white people than me.


According to a noted professor Beyonce is the more or less the embodiment of the American Dream.

Beyoncé is the most persuasive and influential celebrity in the world, according to Staffordshire University Professor Ellis Cashmore.

“Not only does she sell downloads, cds, ringtones, movie tickets, her own label clothes and any number of products, from cologne to television, but she sells a new American Dream based on an idea – that racism is over,” says Cashmore.

In his new article ‘Buying Beyoncé’, Professor Cashmore argues that Beyoncé’s most notable feat is in selling the idea that America’s centuries-old problem of racism has vanished. “When she serenaded the US President Barack Obama and his wife at their inauguration ball in January 2009, she achieved the unimaginable,” says Cashmore. “Here was a conspicuously successful black women singing to the first black president in history.”

Cashmore adds: “It’s easy to imagine how Americans think to themselves, ‘If these billionaire celebrities can make it, why can’t any other black person in America. After all, racial discrimination didn’t stop them. It’s a deceptive illusion.”

Cashmore, whose books include Tyson: Nurture of the Beast and Celebrity Culture believes Beyoncé is a perfect emblem for the Age of Obama. “In a sense she is unique,” he says. Her earnings and her influence make her the most globally conspicuously successful black woman this side of Oprah, and, remember, she isn’t 29 till September.”

Aside from Beyonce being not really being 29, having built her career on the backs of others, fitting into the white ideal of what black beauty can be (read: non-traditional African-American features, skin tone)  and a hesitance to call herself just black – but preferring creole – I can get with this article. Albeit a deceptive mechanism, it is still a useful one.

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A new analysis by Microsoft researcher Danah Boyd argues that Facebook’s success is due in part to “white flight” from MySpace.
By Christopher Mims

We were talking about the social media practices of her classmates when I asked her why most of her friends were moving from MySpace to Facebook. Kat grew noticeably uncomfortable. She began simply, noting that “MySpace is just old now and it’s boring.” But then she paused, looked down at the table, and continued.

“It’s not really racist, but I guess you could say that. I’m not really into racism, but I think that MySpace now is more like ghetto or whatever.”

So begins the book chapter White Flight in Networked Publics — How Race and Class Shaped American Teen Engagement with MySpace and Facebook (pdf) part of the forthcoming book Digital Race Anthology.



If you know much about fashion then you know how rare it is to see black faces in magazines, because black faces are not considered easy sells…while African-American females hold about several billion in spending dollars, in coveted areas like beauty supply and products. Anyway, this entire editorial is great because it has black people, in this post-Vogue Italia world (see fashion blackout).


Favorite Comedy: Zoolander
Clear cut and simple, I ❤ this movie. I remember seeing it when it first came out in theatres…and no one laughed but me. Yup, I liked it way back before it was a cult classic. Now I know all of the words.

Favorite Spoof: Scary Movie 2
I think this is one of the better horror film spoofs, and the best in this franchise. The banter between Hanson and Dwight is hilarious and the rest of the allusions are spot on.

Favorite Teen Movie: Mean Girls
It goes without saying that I find this movie not only the best teen movie of our time, but a very culturally and sociologically relevant lens of analysis for group behavior.

Favorite Foreign Film: House of Flying Daggers
Visually stunning, conceptually stellar and with subtitles. I have this on my hard drive, that’s how good it is. Oh, and it’s a romance (technically).

Favorite Adapted Movie (from a book): The Count of Monte Cristo
I saw this movie before reading the book (because I don’t read books that will eventually become movies), and I loved both. It was the first time I ever read a book after seeing the movie and likely the last. It was a greatly suspenseful, action-packed, smart movie.

Favorite Adapted Movie (from a musical): Chicago
Razzle Dazzle is all I can really say, I know all of the words to every song. My favorite character: Zelma. My favorite number: I Can’t Do it Alone. My favorite line: He ran into my knife…He ran into my knife…ten times. Great acting, singing and black people throughout the movie!

Favorite Documentary: People Like Us: Social Class in America
I can’t recommend this documentary enough, it covers the various aspects of social class and it is constructed, deconstructed, perceived and analyzed in America. It covers high schools, poverty, the upper class, intra-racial racism, and “getting above your raisin.”

Tuesday Tweet-date

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  • I’m #teamportugal because they look more ‘ethnic’ than spain.#copamundial
  • So at Berkeley they have trays that would only hold one harvard sized plate. I always have to plates, and no room for drinks.#fuckhippie
  • I can’t wait for the time when @souljaboy get his own retrospective on the #betawards. DJ tern meh upppppp
  • I’m judging these people for being so easily found on Facebook. Like do you not have a concern for employers/others seeing your dirt?
  • Sign at the pizzeria: No ID. No Beer. No Problem. #reckless
  • At Jamba her name is Tenenquoia