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DND: Models x Reading

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LIKE: Magazine Stool

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NJUStudio Magazine Stool

Esquire: Eat like a Man

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Everything
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"Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need" Book

This one’s coming from Esquire’s food editor, Ryan D’Agostino. Eat Like a ManEsquires Eat Like a Man Book is a not just another grill and go guide to putting grub in your belly. It is, as described, “a choice collection of 75 recipes and food writing for men who like to eat, cook, and read about great food. It’s the Esquire man’s repertoire of perfect recipes, essays on how food figures into the moments that define a man’s life, and all the useful kitchen points every man needs to know.” A selection of chefs contributed this man guide to food. Expect French toast, lobster scrambled eggs, and more. It drops May 25 from Chronicle Books.

If this cover is any indication, it seems like a ‘man’s diet’ is not the modern man but the man trying to have a few bypasses or two.

TC: How Not To Read On A Train

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Ramblings
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via Thought Catalog

  1. Bring a book you’ve been meaning to read for years, the kind that you “meant to read in college.” Maybe you were assigned it; maybe you were assigned it in several courses! Post-colonial literature, your Salman Rushdies, work well for this, as do George Eliot and her dense, impenetrable sort. If you want to “keep up with the news,” a back issue of The Economist is perfect train non-reading.
  2. Be really tired for nondescript reasons. The best way to tire oneself out is to get to the train station late and run to catch a train, then miss it, then spend twenty minutes or more waiting, a length of time in which one does not want to get started on one’s reading “only to be interrupted.” Physical exhaustion won’t get in the way of one’s reading, but ennui will. Go buy a soda or a beer and a snack. Maybe get an easy magazine for the wait. Finish it, feeling a bit dumber.
  3. Get on the train. Sit next to someone whose activity is more exciting than your book. Suggested activities to look for are: studying a foreign language textbook and mouthing words quietly to oneself; reading a New York Post whose pages one can see, if only slightly; talking on the phone; being attractive; texting; reading a different and easier-looking book through which one can discern vital-seeming aspects of that readers’ personality.
  4. Have one’s own book next to one. Pick it up and open to a spot 150 pages or more removed from one’s current place in the book—anywhere in the book is fine if one hasn’t yet begun reading it. Ponder how much reading, how many train trips, one would have to take to get there.
  5. Think about all the great reading one did in college. Make a mental list of the books one will read as soon as one finishes this one, this big one, the big one that one has meant to read lo these years.
  6. Have a phone! This is essential. If possible, have a Twitter account, and refresh it frequently. One more refresh, then I’ll start reading,
  7. Get to your stop. Put your book in your bag, and arrange random papers atop it so you won’t find it, or think of it, until the next commute, when you’re so bored you’ll find it again. Go about your day.

I do this with ‘The Rational Optimist,’ but eventually I removed it from my book bag after a few months.

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This x That

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Word Cloud of the Day: Most Mentioned Must-Read Books

Meta: Book printing Book

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Art Book | Book of Art

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Want: Read a Book

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Tech & Design
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via Fashion Indie by The Fashion Web on 8/20/10

I don’t like reading. at all. I don’t buy books, I scan them for the pages I need and then skim them and forget them later. In spite of that, I still would want this library because it’s just so cool.



Wow, this one will be easy. I don’t read. I hate reading. I checked out Guns, Germs and Steel about 3 times and I have yet to crack more than 50 pages into it. If it’s not assigned reading for high school, I didn’t do it. And even if it was assigned, chances are that I skimmed, cliff noted or found someone to tell me what I needed to know.

And as for what I do in college: I take classes that don’t have books on the syllabus. I’ve read maybe 3 full books in college total, and I’m sure that’s not even true. I’ve read chapters of things here and there, and maybe most of a coursepack. Yup, admission: I hate reading.

One minor exception: textbooks. I could read high school science textbooks for pleasure anyday. And sometimes a history textbook will mildly interest me. But to stay with what I’ve said I’d do as a part of this “Day Zero” thing….