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“São Paulo fashion week sells the image of a Swiss Brazil where everyone is white and blue-eyed. The organisers … forget that more than half of Brazil’s population is black,” says Frei Davi Santos, a Brazilian race campaigner behind a series of protests over São Paulo Fashion Week.

The seeds of the protest were planted in 2008 when an inquiry by São Paulo’s public prosecutor revealed that out of 1,128 models booked for fashion week, only 28 were black. Oranizers agreed to a voluntary two-year, 10% black model quota — affirmative fashion action — which many designers have reportedly ignored.

Protestors are now calling for a 20% quota in hopes of more accurately representing the Brazilian population, which is 50.8% black. However, that figure means nothing as consumers “still reject the combination of black [models] and luxury clothing”.

At least they do according to Vivian Whiteman, fashion editor of the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo. Whitey, as I like to call her, wrote an article on the Brazilian modeling industry’s rampant racism that included an interview with Bruno Soares, a booker of Afro-Brazilian descent.

“For historical reasons,” claims Soares, “Brazil’s black population has been poor and not a consumer of fashion. This is reflected in the casting.”

But for Frei Davi Santos, that bigoted cup just doesn’t hold water:

“Brazil is a country that still insists on emphasising its European side and discriminating against its beautiful indigenous and Afro-Brazilian populations. We do not want catwalks that look like catwalks in Switzerland or England.”

Seems to me this problem is easily remedied. Gisele in black face. I mean, it worked for Beyoncé. [Guardian]

I am always perplexed by how Brazilian beauty is perceived, it seems that the mainstream (read: white people, mostly) often associate Brazilian beauty with an ethnic (exotic) look. Yet, the population that they reference is not usually the melting pot Brazil that I or any person who knows the demography of the country. Brazil has more African-American descendants than the US (outside of the African continent), although it seems one would never know that from media perception and coverage.

What troubles me most is that the beauty coming out of Brazil is often white girls with tans. I say this because many of the people in Brazil have European origins and are essentially no different than a German (Giselle) or Italian (Isabelli), yet the way we iconize them would be that the mixture of their looks is why they are beautiful. The mixed girls are usually not discussed or scouted.

The most worthy of mention is Adriana Lima who proudly admits a mixed heritage and does reflect a beauty (to me) that is indicative of Brazil. She is not fair skinned nor is she just tanned, but she does appear to be at least ethnically ambiguous which is how I think Brazil should be perceived. And that’s only half way to what I think we should see which are girls that look Afro-Latino a la Rosario Dawson, Zoe Saldana or even Halle Berry. I’m sure those kinds of girls can be found.


Taye has written a children’s book called ‘Chocolate Me!’ where he draws from hurtful personal experiences from when he was younger and teaches kids to be happy just the was they are. As a dad with a 2-year-old interracial son, Taye discusses raising a mixed race child, how race affected him growing up, his parent’s making sure he always had positive black influences and how he feels Denzel and Wesley Snipes created a “shift” in the industry for the dark chocolate brothas. He also recently sat down with and revealed that it wasn’t until he accidentally came across an article about Tyson Beckford that he was proud to be dark


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Being pretty has some major benefits. I’ve definitely passed a few classes I shouldn’t have by batting my big brown eyes and crying crocodile tears. I used to be a hit at the bars (back when I still went to bars) because I could get free drinks just by asking for them, and I’ve avoided arrest a few times when I probably shouldn’t have. If you’re funny and smart, people tend to think you are a legitimate genius – probably because people never have expectations for pretty people anyway – except to stay pretty.

It ain’t always easy, though. People expect you to be an idiot, and when it turns out you have brains too, they tend to get freaked out. Prepare to get passed over for jobs with female hiring managers, and prepare for a string of jobs working for pervy male managers who gave you the job because they could see down your dress during the interview. Move to a bad neighborhood, and you better get a bodyguard or a boyfriend because the prison bodies down the street WILL say something inappropriate to you every chance they get. Something like, “Hey girl, you look like you taste sweet!” or “Dang, mama – lemme take a bite outta THAT!” “Can I be your sugar daddy?” or even just bark at you like a dog as they drive by (yes, all of these things really happen, sometimes even when I’ve got my glasses on).

Nice guys will never, ever hit on you (presumably because they’re intimidated), but you will have more undateables flirting with you than you even thought existed. The #1 attempted pickup line will be, “Hey, are you a model?” which will embarrass you because A) obviously you’re not a model, and B) what are you supposed to say? “No, I’m not a model, I’m just NATURALLY GORGEOUS. SOAK IT UP.”

You will get so used to creepers creepin’ that it won’t faze you when the gas station attendant tells you he won’t accept your money because his payment is watching you suck on one of the Blow Pops you like to buy before work. And once you get to work, you will be forced to play nice when men try to hold your hand over the counter and give you “business cards” that are very clearly just a phone number written on the back of a Rite-Aid receipt.

On the flip side, you’ll get so used to this kind of attention that you’ll feel a misplaced sense of disappointment when you fail to attract catcalls from construction workers and garden-variety weirdos. You will also inevitably start to lean on your good looks in sticky situations, which will make you wholly unprepared to deal with the occasional hardass that doesn’t fall for pseudo-meaningful eye contact and flirty smiles. You are aware of this tendency, which gives you increasing levels of anxiety as you grow older and too broke to afford expensive skin-tightening cream from Sephora. You will, at least once, have a minor meltdown over morning pillow face, hyperventilating in the mirror over the overnight appearance of fine lines.

You won’t have many girlfriends; that much should be obvious. And when you start dating someone, you’ll have to get rid of all your non-gay guy friends because your boo factor will assume they all want to date/fuck you (which, to some extent, is probably true). On that note – be careful whom you choose to date, because years of only getting attention from losers with (excuse my pun) nothing to lose will do a number on your self-image.

When you go out, you always end up getting too messed up due to a combination of accepting too many free drinks from losers and drinking by yourself in the corner while your friends meet nice, college-educated guys with jobs. You take home a lot of gross guys out of boredom and loneliness. Your friends inevitably tire of taking you out because you end each night rolling around on the couch/bathroom floor clutching a bottle of CVS Chardonnay, crying “why don’t any cute boys LIKE ME??” while your friends roll their eyes because you got more attention from guys than anyone else.

Obviously I would rather be good-looking than average or even (gasp) unattractive, but once in a while it would be great if someone commented on something other than my appearance. “Wow, you’re so exotic, you should be a Laker girl” sounds like a compliment, but what I hear is “You should be a Laker girl because you look vaguely Puerto Rican and nobody cares that you can spell ‘facetious’ without looking at the dictionary.”

I guess ultimately I would rather have all the advantages that good-looking people have, because we really do have it easier. But sometimes it would be nice to just be a face in the crowd. Sometimes I just want to go to the donut store down the street without having to bring my pepper spray with me just in case the neighborhood teens decide to follow me there and threateningly back me up against the counter while demanding my phone number and address again, ya know?

When I told some people I was going to Barcelona their responses were centered around how beautiful everyone is and that they are all model-esque. False.

Barcelona is just like every city, a very wide range of attractivess, except that they are many brunettes here compared to blonde American barbies. I will admit though that it’s more than Europeans are ‘more beautiful’ because they don’t suffer from ‘ponytail and glasses’ syndrome.

What is that? Remember that scene in ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ when Janie is ‘made over’ by removing her glasses and letting her hair down? Well, google it if you don’t. Europeans care about how they dress, sometimes to a fault (labels, labels, labels), they have tans usually (it’s amazing what good sun can do your aura/complexion) and they are generally less tense than Americans.

Simple solution: pay attention to how you dress, get a tan and relax. Now you’re beautiful. Considering how European they look (read: white) this is soooo attainable for most that check ‘white’ on the census.

You’re welcome and that will be $75.

Beauty of Nature

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Damn Nature U Pretty of the Day

Damn Nature U Pretty of the Day: Ants with a translucent abdomen (either ghost ants or Argentine ants) change color based on the color of the food they consume.

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I love every bit of this piece below, and I (we all do to some degree) identify with the absurdist views (or are they) presented in this funny encounter. Also, this is like the epitome of a ‘humble brag.’ Kudos, Thought Catalog, you are my new favorite…again.

People see me, see my veiny, pulsing forehead, almost bursting at the seams with knowledge and cunning that they will never posses and they immediately do everything in their limited power to make me suffer for my gifts.

I was in a local cafe this morning, getting my usual double espresso (used to be a macchiato, but try getting the hunchbacks at the espresso machine to understand the concept of a dollop of foam), when I noticed that my waitress was absolutely stunning. Perfect bone structure, creamy caramel skin, a hip-to-waist ratio that would make Hugh Hefner cry himself to sleep–she was perfect.

Naturally, I made every necessary assessment about her person that comes with such incredible beauty. She was stupid, gullible, vapid, and worthless. Even taking into account my usual distaste for conversing with people who work in the service industry,

I was even less interested in talking to this woman. She certainly had nothing to offer me, and moreover, the idea of her opening her mouth and sharing actual thoughts would ruin her aesthetic value. She is to be seen, and not heard. That being said, I cannot say that I don’t understand her plight. Surely the knowledge that we as a society are bound to hate her and mistrust her for her incredible genetic gift must be depressing, but she should take comfort in the knowledge (assuming she can read) that those of us who are just as blessed in the intellectual department feel the same sting of judgment.

Yes, I, too, have been the victim of the teeming, unwashed masses who subvert their jealousy of my intimidating mental capacity into grammatically-incorrect vitriol. I know what it feels like to see life as a never-ending series of obstacles constructed by my own incredible genetic luck. It is a bleak, sad, often frightening world when you realize that you may simply never overcome the most positive points of your personality.

People see me, see my veiny, pulsing forehead, almost bursting at the seams with knowledge and cunning that they will never posses and they immediately do everything in their limited power to make me suffer for my gifts. They glare with jealousy at my pale, sallow skin–knowing that my complexion no doubt stems from hours spent in rich mahogany studies, gathering morsels of truth and insight to which they will never be privvy. They assume that I must be evil, that I am insincere, that I don’t know how to have a good time. Although I can’t blame their assumptions on malice, as I would probably deal with the world in such simple terms, as well, if I didn’t understand it so well–they sting me nonetheless. I am a human, too. Look past my IQ, look past my Doctorate in applied mathematics, and you will see the soft, fragile, beating heart of another human being!

I know it can be distracting when I wear the wooly, rich cardigan and stoic glasses of a learned person, when I flaunt my superior mind in the most humiliating of ways, but don’t take it personally. I was given this gift by God (I’m using “God” here in a way to convey the awesome truths of the creation of the universe and its translation from the Big Bang all the way down to my personal conception in a way you will understand), and I only have a short time on this planet to appreciate it to its fullest potential.

So I looked at that physically perfect specimen setting my little cup and saucer down on my table, I briefly met her eyes in the most achingly real exchange of humanity, and I nodded my head slightly in acknowledgment that the world is difficult for me, too. She smiled, dimpling her cheek and putting the tiniest sparkle in her perfect blue eyes, and my heart nearly burst with compassion. I leaned in towards her, I breathed in slowly, I gathered up all of my most dear sentiments as I said, gently, “I ordered a double espresso, this is clearly a cafe creme–how hard could this job possibly be?”

I am so glad I am one of the smart ones


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Morning Links

OMG OMG OMG – Chris Lilley is making a new series, ‘Angry Boys,’ that will include Ja’mie King!!!!!!

Allure-ing Stats – Allure magazine has some interesting stats on race, beauty and age – and how they’ve changed in perception over time.

Hate Sex – It’s what keeps Sammi & Ronnie together, it must be some damn good good.

Lil’ Kim is Irrelevant – Kim just released ‘Black Friday,’ a terrible mixtape that she claims she made a million dollars off of….yeah, ok.

I’m so tired of mutha fukers sayin ‘lil kim been out for years’ um ok we dont give a fuk windows 95 been out for years to do we still use it? – Katt Williams

Fiasco Mag x Nudity

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Fiasco Magazine In The Nude

Fiasco Magazine In The Nude

So tasteful, and so pretty…

Beauty can be a hindrance, especially if that’s the only thing that matters to other people… Beauty can be boring if you’re with a guy who is focussed on his looks or your looks all the time…I appreciate men who are confident in their masculinity, who don’t need to work out every day, don’t fuss about their appearance. I prefer men who know what they want out of life. (source)

Hey, Harvard grad, hey.

Flowers x Life Support

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“The stalks of these flowers are already dried up, but their blossoms are preserved and kept fresh by the medical infusion bags.”

Actually this is quite beautiful as an artistic statement.

As you may or may not know, Miss Universe 2010 was this past Monday. I saw only the last half hour of the show, but I’m much more impressed with what I saw before the show’s taping.

In an article covering the national costumes of a majority of the contestants, it became apparent that a) Miss USA looks like Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman and b) there are tons of ‘surprise’ ‘black’ girls. Aside from Miss USA being a Muslim, as a huge milestone, but Misses Ecuador, Honduras and Norway were ‘black.’

Yes, the African countries had their black representatives too, but finding out that two countries that have a seemingly homogeneous population have black candidates was astounding (in a good way, of course). I know that Miss Universe is by its nature trivial, but the standards of beauty and what a country puts forward does indicate a changing atmosphere of what it means to be beautiful.

You can find pictures of all of the ‘black’ contestants here.


Selectism - Bed Stu Footwear for Spring 2011 Preview

More things I need here: Bed Stu Footwear for Spring 2011 Preview

Umm… a ponytail?

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One of my favorite moments in a very funny movie, Not Another Teen Movie, is when they make a great observation: ponytails and glasses are ugly.

I’m kidding clearly, although most girls admit that ponytails are the universal sign for giving up on looking good for that day. I like this clip mainly because it actually is how most teen movies portray makeovers, but really because sometimes it is the little things that matter. Wear your hair down just once, and you’ll get many compliments.

But I also like the up dos, like in this video.

So, can I? Can I have it? Burned into my memory forever. And that’s a good thing.

Vogue Paris Editorial

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Um, so this is what I mean what I say "Daaaammmnnnn." This editorial right here is amazing. Do you care about the clothes? You don’t, because the model is doing her job.