Obsession: Thickness

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Shade: Samsung v Apple

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The shade in this commercial is delightful. Love how they are holding the place in line for the parents.

Infinite ‘Why Loop’

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I spoke with my director at work recently and realized that my favorite question, my claim to fame, my entire essence of being is setting me up for disaster. 

My favorite question:


It has made my teachers salivate because I seem engaged, it has established a niche for me within my friend circle and has been met with mixed reviews in my work place.

He major knowledge that was dropped is that when one asks ‘why’ it is great, but you can get trapped in a ‘why loop’ if you don’t focus enough on the ‘what.’ 

Think about it this way, once you start asking why you can never stop asking why. It is the intellectual’s dilemma. I am too much of an intellectual, and am trying to reframe my happiness so that I can find value (in things other than the quest for ‘why?’). 

When he said this to me, I was just like

Wow, that is heavy. It’s so deep, yet so real. Wow, that’s heavy. 

Kids x Marriage

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Ticket retribution

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Dating words of wisdom

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People are attracted to what they see in themselves…you like broken people that manipulate you.

Perfect Tweets: September

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Love it: i NEEd A PENCil

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Brief: Dire Home Visits

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I come home, speak sharply with my parents, get angry. Want to leave.

The life in the boring ‘burbs is boring.


Ready to move on?

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Much like that grandpa who should with good reason, leave up out the club when he sees the average age of the crowd is 25…I feel like I need to leave my group at work.

I’m mostly bored with the development opportunities and challenging roles one takes to build toward something as they approach their two-year mark (although most leave in 18 months). Now that I’m reaching the end of what the normal time frame is, and going beyond that, I’m tired.

Maybe I just need a long vacation to recharge, but the passive aggressiveness, the feedback, the lack of results and the nitty gritty focus on details is making me want to leave sooner rather than later.

But my real feelings are reflected in this e-card


Amazing: Stairs x Bookshelf

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via bluetealeaves



Pound the Alarm – Nicki Minaj

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Medieval Fashions

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#Twitter: @MrDrunkBaby

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That annoying moment when your juice box refuses to lose it’s virginity.
Sometimes I sit on the couch watching Rugrats and I wonder what the

fuck am I doing with my life, ya know?
Childhood is like being drunk. Everyone remembers what you did except for you.
So all I said was "da-da" and they lost their shit!
Rub a dub dub. Took a shit in the tub.