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Why old people are the worst at technology – (here)

Man buns and bears and why you should be drooling – (here)

Shade at it’s finest — in the music industry – (here)

Game of Thrones – (here)


Amazon >>>> – Amazon is going to aggregate scripts and begin its takeover of the entire world….
Mansome – Morgan Spurlock will explore male beauty routines in a new documentary
Chicken Lover – Burger King made a boo-boo when they basically made a seemingly (historically) racist
SNL – SNL is to get less funny without Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis
Fuh-Realz? – Jesse Eisenberg is the older brother of Curly Sue
Santorum Porn – A photo mosaic of Rick Santorum made entirely out of gay porn stills #howfitting

Rufus > Gaga – Rufus Wainwright: Lady Gaga has no good songs and gays are gullible
Katy Perry Shade!!! – Katy Perry shades Beyonce and Shakira pretty hard
Big Awesome Theory – Stephen Hawking is going to guest star on "The Big Bang Theory" #nerdlove
Anti-Piracy Extremes – the RIAA is planning to have your ISP (internet) prevent your illegal downloads
Humphries Hungry – Kim K’s ex-boo wants her money, and for the sake of gender equality I think he should have his fair share (at least half, that’s the california way, right?)

College = Snobby – That’s what Santorum has accused Obama of…coming from a man with several degrees doe
Rich Man, Poor Man – Guy writes a NYT letter on why he left Goldman
Domestication Perpetuation – A clothing label’s laundry instructions say "give it to your woman, it’s her job" #pretendshocked
Sears is Old Fashioned – Not just their clothes being outdated, but now they’re offensive with shirts that mention kicking in the fallopian tubes
Oreo turned 100! – Not the wannabe black people, but the food…and look at all of the fun flavors available outside of the US

Kids x Oscars – Kids recreate Oscar nominated movies…"The Help" is the best one Tyra Graduates HBS – Oh wait, kinda. But not "really"
Rihanna & Chris (Again) – Jay-Z is disappointed and the Dream is whatever about it
Greg Kelly not Gay – And here I thought he was, I guess not since he was accused of assault…

Downtonabbeyonce – A great mashup of Downton Abbey x Beyonce lyrics #internetlurve
Bye Shatner – Priceline’s marketing efforts with William Shatner were so successful they had to kill off his character. Now that is the power of branding at work!
NeNe x Brian White – Interesting perspective on black women’s portrayal in the media: differing opinions
Leave My Snickers Alone – Mars Inc set to change sizes, calorie counts and proportions of their chocolates
Beauty = Pain – What your high heels are doing to your body…besides making you look more beautiful

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Thinspo No Mo’ – CFDA introduces health guidelines for NY Fashion Week
Ancient Shade – Madonna throws some dust at Janet Jackson re: Nipplegate ’04
Snoop > Kim K – Snoop calls Kim K out as the cold-blooded, Mandingo-loving skeev that she is
Beyonce Class – Rutgers U will be offering a class on Beysus and her impact on race relations, perceptions of beauty, etc
Perfumes – French court has fined perfume giants for price fixing

Ivy Blue – Oprah has been named godmother of Ivy Blue (spawn of Jay-Z and Beyonce) Oh La La – Chanel built a life-sized plan for their couture show #yesyesyesyes
Hated It – Lady Gaga starts a foundation at Harvard because it’s Harvard…please just go away
Honey, No! – Tim Gunn hasn’t had sex in nearly 30 years. YIKES!
GrooveShark Sued – I love this site, and can’t believe (but I can) that it is being sued…for billions

IMD-Sued – IMBD used an actress’ information from her subscription and updated her age…and then she sued #bow Maher v Tebow – Bill Maher tweets "Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler "Hey, Buffalo’s killing them"
Dayum – The Spanish government had adopted some hardcore internet piracy laws #yikes
I’m leaving! – Top 10 reasons companies lose good talent
Flop Flop – Top 15 tech flops of 2011

Niggabitch? – That’s what a Dutch mag called Rihanna, who responded via Twitter, and then had a few reactionsGood for you! – Miranda Cosgrove, Nickeloden tween star, has decided to go to college!
Bueno – Hulu dedicates programming to its Spanish audience
DOT COM – Tamar Braxton, Toni’s more interesting sister, is getting her own show
Marrying a racist – Well, no one is suprised Terrence Howard
No, Tebow – Kids get suspended for Tebowing in the hallway of their school

No Alec Baldwin – The Association of Professional Flight Attendants wants all Alec Baldwin off their in-flight entertainment aka 30 Rock
Blank-i-pedia – Wikipedia threatening to blank its pages to protest White House legislation
Gweny – Gwyneth Paltrow says Jewish and Black girls have similar hair problems: Heat makes the kitchen go crazy
Natural Barbie – A natural hair group gave Barbie a make over and handed them out to residents in Columbus, GA….

Regret Me Not – Top 5 regrets people have while on their death bed
Best of the Best – Time Magazine gives us the Top 10 of 2011 in science, gossip, entertainment and more
Mon-ey – Harvard dude spends money to have a theatre named after him…typical
Best photos of 2011 – Some jarring and jarringly beautiful photos
Soccer Issues – Soccer is facing some issues around being racist yet again

Brit Brit – Britney Spears turned 30…meaning you were probably a pre-teen when she made it big and now you’re a pseudo-adult. Scary, huh?
Top Model – Janice Dickinson says that Cover Girl chooses the winner of ANTM in surprising news that is mildly surprising
Sorry GaGa – It seems Billboard changed their pricing rules so the GaGas of the world can’t game the system and rack up #1s #yougoglencoco
Wyclef… – Not surprisingly, Wyclef used the Haiti relief money to pad his own wallet. Where are the journalist exposing this front page?
Jaws Closed – JAWS ride to close and our childhood as you know it has been forever changed

Reich Fashions – A new trend in haircuts is dubbed ‘The Hitler Youth,’ which I am now kinda weireded out that I think is quite cool
Rapist x Harasser – Mike Tyson parodies Herman Cain…that’s awkward
Black Rappers – Interesting take on Drake and Childish Gambino & blackness
Grammy Pop – The Grammys are no longer allowing mainstream pop (tarts) to compete in the dance category. I think that’s a good idea if it’s the award for the artist, but DJs, producers and song writers should get their due (dance) props
Penny (not) Proud – Kyla Pratt, Penny Proud, is a mother…that’s also awkward

Profile of the 1% – A few factoids on who the ‘Top 1%’ areHarvard Try-Hards – HLS students hold tryouts and charge fee for their study group
Slate Hates Rihanna – An article where RIhanna is essentially deemed worthless, I disagree. She’s the black Madonna, and you can take that for what it is worth
Drinkify – A new site proclaims to predictively match your music by suggesting a drink
Adult Men – Adult men have a thing for ponies…My Little Pony