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I will actually answer this question unlike the last time when I said that I would.

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I will update this this weekend, as I do need to go to sleep.

Quick overview:

  • Freshman Year: Each of us pretty much paired up (4 pairs), which became 4, which became 6 and that became 8. Lots of drama over linking/blocking group delineation, tons of fall out.
  • Sophomore Year: Drifting of the boys/girls, punch season, Eleganza and concentration declaration. Little drama, but much differentiation.
  • Junior Year: Shifting of alliances, major announcements, much resentment, recruiting season and doubles, yup 2 in a room.
  • Senior Year: Every man for themselves, tons of drinking, tons of friendship fall outs, realization of self and future goals, major drifting and subtle drama

Those are the major themes, but you can imagine how living with the same 5 people for 4 years can become ‘interesting.’ Oh and 4/5 of us are in the same city, yet I don’t think you’d ever get a willing participation rate above 50%. I could be wrong, but I know that I’m not.

And the girls in our blocking group factor in, but the conflict is hardly anywhere related to them.


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