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By now, I hope that you’ve heard about the JetBlue employee who went out guns ablazin’. If not, he quit in the most epic way that you must read it for yourself.

And now this HOPA, working in a real estate firm, has quit. She too decided to quit in a stellar way – with 33 photos! Man, quitting is so effin’ hot right now; and the creativity garners nothing but ‘tens’ from me.


My job this summer is working as a resident advisor for teenagers at an academic camp, which I thoroughly enjoy. However, one of the things that I noticed was the lack of diversity. Are there hispanic kids here? If you count kids from Spain….What about black kids? Well, there’s just one.

The first day of registration, it was something that I thought could become a problem. There was just one black girl that I had seen among 115 otherwise European or Asian faces. Not my problem really, but at 16 and for 4 weeks that could become a problem. The funny thing is that we have 2.5 black staff members. There’s me and D, but then there’s also M whose dad is black but I almost always forget that because she looks like a Nuyorican. It’s a mental heuristic, and yes I know it’s not right (but I’m not conducting an actual census or attempting to be purposively offensive).

I remember texting Mbreezy.

So out of 1oo or so kids, guess how many are black?

[a few]

Nope. Just one.

Is she at least a ‘token’?

Nah, she was wearing a G-Unit polo and dunks

Oh, rough

Anyway, it seems to not have been too much of an issue for her as her RA was D, who I believe makes a point of making the student feel included. Now cut to the news that I’ve found out recently….


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You will enjoy these naughty little kids, who are actually little people.

I like this song, it’s interesting. I like the video because it seems very Sara-esque. If she were prettier, her career would soar. She’s not ugly, but you know, she could look a lil better.

Jersey Shore 2.0!

No words, but so oh so many words. Snookie vs. Jolie & Jwowwwwwww vs Sammi. I’ve been waiting for Sammi to get her comeuppance for a long time.

Watch these women on Bridezilla pop off!

It’s not about none of you bitches!

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