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Beauty can be a hindrance, especially if that’s the only thing that matters to other people… Beauty can be boring if you’re with a guy who is focussed on his looks or your looks all the time…I appreciate men who are confident in their masculinity, who don’t need to work out every day, don’t fuss about their appearance. I prefer men who know what they want out of life. (source)

Hey, Harvard grad, hey.


Bitter Party of 1: Quincy Jones

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Celebrity
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In a recent interview, Quincy Jones, revealed that he is a pressed hater:

Us: Kanye West is similar to you in that he’s the producer everybody wants to work with in the last decade…
QJ: How man? No way. Did he write for a symphony orchestra? Does he write for a jazz orchestra? Come on, man. He’s just a rapper. There’s no comparison. I’m not putting him down or making a judgement or anything, but we come from two different sides of the planet. I spent 28 years learning my first skill. I don’t rap. It’s not the same thing. A producer has to have some sort of skills that enable him to be a producer. It’s totally different to know what to do with 16 woodwinds you know from piccolos down to bass clarinet. It’s a whole different mindset. No comparison. None.

Us: What do you think of him?
QJ: I don’t think about him much. He’s a great rapper, but there are a lot of good rappers. I just did The View with Ludacris, who’s one of my favorites. He’s a beautiful human being and college educated. I joke with him and say, ‘How did ‘Move Bitch Get Out The Way’ come out of you?’ But I was raised around the Mafia when I was a kid in Chicago in the 30s. Chicago’s rough. I’m from the streets, I know what’s up! (source)

QJ, are you the new Lil Kim, unable to step off of the thrown? Get over yourself and accept that times have changed, and no one does this as you do. Kanye is a great producer.

No more Duff – The Food Network cancelled ‘Ace of Cakes,’ one of the only good food-based shows on all of tv. Truly, will be missed.

Yesflix! – Netflix now offers a streaming-only video plan. That’s amazing.

Faux News – Simpsons go in: “Not Racist, But #1 With Racists”

Barbara Bush on Sarah Palin

Posted: November 27, 2010 in Celebrity, Politics
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“Thought she was beautiful. And she’s very happy in Alaska,” Bush said, chuckling. “I hope she’ll stay there.” (source)

Nicki v Kim: 348979

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Celebrity, Lyrics
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You know what I love, a good ass piece of drama. And right now, Nicki Minaj is giving it to Kim so hard. Kim could have been the Queen, and Nicki’s music may not always be consistently good, but let’s go in on this one!

Um you know, she really just jumped out the window. And you got to be careful when you pick fights and that’s what I’ve learned in this business, you just never know.

I think people get me mistaken with like, a real Barbie, they forget where I’m from and if I have to revert back – I can and I will.

So don’t play with me. You know it’s one of those moments when you say don’t play with me cause I respect you,I love you, I’ve said it in every interview time and time again, and if that’s not good enough with you mama, then it’s something deep rooted in you. You need to get your – something is bothering you inside, that’s your insecurity bothering you, it’s not Nicki Minaj, it would have been any girl that start popping.

She picked a fight with Foxy, then she picked a fight with Eve, then she picked a fight with Remy, then it was Ms. Wallace, then it was Nicki Minaj. Everytime you in the news, it’s cause you’re getting at somebody, where’s your music?

You know, put your music out and when I see your name on Billboard, then I’ll respond to you. Other than that, goodbye. IT’S BARBIE BITCH.

And that doesn’t take away from the respect – you know when a Mom got a beat you and she be like ‘It hurts me more to beat you than it hurts you’, it doesn’t take away the love that I have…it doesn’t take away, you know how, cause I’m a realist.

[Angie: cause you said those were one of the people you grew up listening to, did it hurt you feelings?]

Yeah it hurt. It hurt me. It hurt my feelings because I remember I saw her on the tour with Wayne and I had been hearing, you know in the business people talk behind the scenes, and I remember I ran into Foxy and Foxy said “Why you keep on giving props to Kim, she don’t like you.” She was like “the girl be dissing you” in conversation and I was such so much of a die hard and I was like until I hear her say something about me, I’m going to continue paying my respect to her in my interviews and that’s what I did, I kept on doing it, that’s why everybody came out and said “Nicki always shows you love, what are you talking about.”

So when I saw her at Wayne’s concert and she performed with Keysha, she came into our dressing room like she might use the bathroom and stuff and I stopped her, I was like, “you know I want to make sure everything is cool with us because you know, I’m a fan first.” you know, “is everything good?”.

“Yeah everything good, we good”.

Hugs and kisses. [Nicki said] “Can I take a picture with you? I love you” This is somebody that I looked at highly. We took a picture, everything was good.

But you want to know what scares people? Success. When you don’t make moves and when you don’t climb up the ladder, everybody loves you because you’re not competition. When you become competition, people start…”hold on wait?”, so I felt like, you’re going to go down in history now as a sore loser as opposed to going down in history as the Queen because if you can’t beat em, join em. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. You don’t have to feel the need to put somebody down to make yourself feel better.

I see people do things all the time that I think…hmm, that remind me of Nicki Minaj, but it’s like do you honey, we all take from each other. That’s why I did a record on Pink Friday called “Here I Am” and I said “nothing is new under the sun.” It’s like when you see Gaga, you see Madonna, but Madonna never hated on Gaga. Why in the black community, we got to hate on each other instead of saying “Thank you for showing me love, thank you for keeping my name alive.” You know, the same way she opened doors for me, I’m now opening doors for you. Do you understand? Because nobody was even playing you music and and you danm sure couldn’t get an interview to save your life. But now you getting interviews and now every interview you do, they asking you about Nicki Minaj.

So it’s like we help each other, that’s the point, we’re helping each other. But if you are bitter…get a life.

It isn’t even about the music right now, I really appreciate how Nicki is really killing her. You should listen to the audio at the source.

via Fashion Indie

To celebrate Thanksgiving, I wanted to share with you what it would be like if celebrities were at your dinner table in the Midwest (photos not made by me).

Bizarro Celebrities from the Midwest of Doom!

Bizarro Celebrities from the Midwest of Doom!

Bizarro Celebrities from the Midwest of Doom!


  1. I re-met Lena Chen this week, except I wasn’t covering her debate for IvyGate, and it was quite pleasant (an no, there was no sex)….
  2. Approximately 18 billion elevator rides are taken every year and awkward conversations abound (funny article on elevator etiquette)
  3. Hmm, bitter about Google giving 10% raises? This article will explain why it’s not a good thing after all…
  4. Ever wonder what Obama has done for our country? Or why he’ll be the next Jimmy Carter? – WTFHODSF
  5. Suck it Pythagoras! A straight line isn’t always the fastest route aka the hypotenuse isn’t always best…
  6. Rachel Ray posted a ‘recipe’ for BACON…microwaveable bacon…yeah

WWD: Victoria Beckham x Lady Gaga

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Celebrity
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“I have a lot of respect that she can walk in those shoes going through airports. I mean, goodness, people think I dress up to go to an airport! I think she’s really doing her thing. That’s her,” Victoria told WWD.

“If I’m being completely honest, is it fair to say she may have become a little bit of a parody of herself? Is that fair to say?”

Yes, it is quite fair to say that. I very much agree.

Fuck You, William Shatner

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Celebrity

I like this rendition. I’m not sure why, but I just do.


Posted: November 7, 2010 in Celebrity

Interesting and creative way to get the point across. I’ve seen this at multiple subway stops/different posters.

Males: Indoors

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Celebrity, Everything
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Something that I find funny is how groups of people behave differently given circumstances, specifically under gender-related context. In other words, how guys/girls act differently when among each other etc.

There’s this wonder because the more hypermasculine a group of guys is, usually the more homosocial they are. I guess if you repress enough of yourself, you as a group exhibit it in unique ways. The video below is from an NBA locker room.

The video below is also from an NBA locker room.

I’m sure the video of the first is more common than the second in terms of male behavior. I do just find that these videos are enlightening.

Thank you Youtube for giving us incredible insights.

Keke Palmer – Bottoms Up

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Sure I have good taste in music, but I do like this song. It’s a subway bobbing your head and/or foot tapping song. Oh, and the reason it sucks is because she’s an actress NOT a singer.

Let’s cry a tear for Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem.

In his interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes, he basically cries reverse discrimination and shows his white privilege.

At one point in the interview, after reading Eminem his own song lyric in which he says “do I hate fags, the answer is yes” Cooper asked Eminem if he did not like gay people, to which he replied, “No, I don’t have any problem with nobody. You know what I mean? Like I’m just whatever.”

But then Eminem said…

“I felt like I was being attacked. I was being singled out. I felt like, ‘Is it because of the color of my skin? Is it because of that that you’re paying more attention?’ There are certain rappers that do and say the same things that I’m saying and I don’t hear no one say anything about that.”

But thankfully, the Huffington Post, pointed out that 50’s ‘anti-gay’ tweet was highly scrutinized.

It’s true, 50 was criticized, even though I’m sure his tweet was taken out of context – he was actually promoting more sexual parity as it relates to males giving females oral sex. 50’s only fault was that his statement was inherently heteronormative, which I don’t fault him for because he’s a regular person and not someone making a scholarly claim.

Now back to Eminem.

It’s not that people don’t understand you or that you’re cool with everyone, you hate everyone. You hate Mariah and ridicule her, you make fun of nearly all female pop stars, and it really just seems like you have a problem with women and people you consider feminine – gay men. Seems like you have issues of your own that should be worked out.

So, no, it’s not reverse discrimination. Bill O’Reilly has been hounding Ludacris, one of the most tame rappers, over his music that supposedly objectifies women. What you’re doing is crying foul because you’ve been called out, and your white privilege to do and say as you please is no longer valid.

Sorry, when you wanted to be taken seriously in the rap world, you gained your ‘nigga card’ and you can’t return it. You can’t have your white (and black) cake and eat it too. Also, your hate for most groups of people, perpetuation of pill popping and violence against women (though you’ve said sorry time and time again), is actually disgraceful. So, to you, I say ‘Good Day.”

Original Article

Mirror, Mirror

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The powers that be have decided that this is what I’ve been known to act like under the influence. Honestly, I can’t lie. I could see me doing something like this and wouldn’t be surprised if there were video supporting that assertion. In any event, enjoy.


Kanye, I <3 You

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Kanye recently performed on ‘SNL’ and was so EPIC! The staging, the intro and the concept was actually flawless*. The ballet dancers. The ballet dancers! Kanye Standom complete. I will be at your next concert in NYC.

*In honor of Kanye’s death drop aka !Sha-blam! (at 2:48 in video 1), an apt .gif via ONTD: