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Funny Memes

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I find this to be very comprehensive, and not nearly as polarized/binary as we often paint these constructs to be. I had a long conversation this weekend that touched on this diagram and why I thought it made sense, and why I believe that many people collapse (polarize) themselves even though they’re a bit more complex than they allow themselves to be.

Make it Nasty – Tyga

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I really find this song to be somewhat motivating…I don’t know why, but I do. Make it nasty might as well be ‘go forth and put in the best work possible’

IvyDate: None for you!

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Kanye rhymes

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The high notes (falsetto?) on this is just everything. It makes you really just want to be in love, like just imagine someone singing their love for you like this. I’m claiming this as my ‘wedding’ song, although I am not the marrying type.

Obsession: Thickness

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Shade: Samsung v Apple

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The shade in this commercial is delightful. Love how they are holding the place in line for the parents.

Infinite ‘Why Loop’

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I spoke with my director at work recently and realized that my favorite question, my claim to fame, my entire essence of being is setting me up for disaster. 

My favorite question:


It has made my teachers salivate because I seem engaged, it has established a niche for me within my friend circle and has been met with mixed reviews in my work place.

He major knowledge that was dropped is that when one asks ‘why’ it is great, but you can get trapped in a ‘why loop’ if you don’t focus enough on the ‘what.’ 

Think about it this way, once you start asking why you can never stop asking why. It is the intellectual’s dilemma. I am too much of an intellectual, and am trying to reframe my happiness so that I can find value (in things other than the quest for ‘why?’). 

When he said this to me, I was just like

Wow, that is heavy. It’s so deep, yet so real. Wow, that’s heavy. 

Kids x Marriage

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Ticket retribution

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Dating words of wisdom

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People are attracted to what they see in themselves…you like broken people that manipulate you.

Perfect Tweets: September

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Love it: i NEEd A PENCil

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Brief: Dire Home Visits

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I come home, speak sharply with my parents, get angry. Want to leave.

The life in the boring ‘burbs is boring.