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Anger: SCC

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Ramblings

I’m on an email list serv with the coolest people from our class of 2010…if you believe that class marshall voting is of substance.

To make a long story short, I don’t fit in with them…and I shouldn’t. I was appointed because I was fundraising chair not a “cool” kid who bested his peers. However, I do still get pissed off when this shit happens.

Pretty much everyone on the list gets a birthday shout-out, except for me. I know I have zero school spirit, but I’ve either hooked up with, fundraised with or was somehow in a few mutual friend circles. I shouldnt care and probably should remove myself from the list, but I haven’t. In a way, this example is how I feel about my social life at Harvard.

And if it wasn’t clear, save for my block mates and the bcl, I hated Harvard entre social scene/construct.


Corp Bits: Malicious

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Everything
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(email response)
Associate: I’m not sure you know what ‘malicious’ means.

(email forward)

Analyst 2: Really malicious.

Office communicator chat (later forwarded on):
Analyst 1: dude you told me you had a strict workout regime
Analyst 1: just crushing iron after work
Analyst 2: that was before the [hardcore project]
Analyst 2: now, i just crush my chair at work

Beauty Ads: Gender Overview

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Videos

Too Real: Club Dancing

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Videos
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As I’ve been traveling and working abroad, I have realized that my cultural ties to America are rooted in a way that most cannot understand.

Most racial, ethnic and cultural groups have a distinct homeland, language and some aspect of a diaspora. Italians can find Italians in many cities, French can speak French in many lands and the Irish can go to Ireland and trace their roots. As an African-American descent of slaves I do not have this luxury.

I cannot go to a pilgrimage to my homeland, there is no non-English language with which I can communicate and there is no diaspora. The first two are things that I cannot change and can be in some degree assuaged by being American and finding other Americans.

However, my African-Americaness which is rooted in slavery and being an admixture with a distinctive culture which is replicated differently outside of the US creates some problems. Most other blacks outside of the US have a more rooted and direct link to their ancestors. And given such close ties do no share my black American experience. Southern hip-hop, black clubs and the fascination with “donkeys” is very much something that I haven’t found outside of the US.

The conflict I have is that everyone thinks Americans love America because we are too ignorant to appreciate other cultures. This may be true, but the reason I love America and complain about how I miss it because this is where my culture was born and only lives. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to be black in America and feel comfortable. Yet, I fully do in a way that most other groups cannot understand.

Being based in London these past few weeks had made me realize just how American I am. Being well educated and believing myself to be open-minded, I assumed I would love new cultures. I guess I overlooked my distain for “newness” and change.

I love America, I specifically love NYC. I would say that London is still better than Boston…but my patriotism is all the way on high.

Marrakech is a whole other level of struggle. I used to think I wasn’t always in need of 3/4 star living, but the fact that I just want to fly home or to London after being here for less than 12 hrs is too telling.

I’m very excited to return back home to the comfort and familiarity of my former life.