Corp. Bites: Overwhelmed

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Ramblings
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I haven’t felt this overwhelmed in a long time…I am stressed because of the long hours I work, the boring place I live in an the inability to find food that isn’t mayo-based, carb-rich or too small.

At work, I’m managing a workstream which I like because it’s a managerial role but having the responsibility of other people which includes those more senior than me is frustrating. The project is something of an fp and the data seems not to exist and because we are a data driven group over here like is hard…

I went to the gym yesterday which sucked. The gym is tiny and has machines I don’t care about, and even though I hadn’t been in a month, I didn’t feel good. I couldn’t sleep last night and dread going in to work. I tell myself it’s only for a few months, but damn.

And the food situation is so dire here that I cook for myself, which is something I haven’t done since I lived in Chelsea…or in about like 8 months.

This is definitely not my city but I’m going to muster through it and travel on the weekends to continue to deprive my body of the rest it needs but to give my soul the happiness it desires.

And I started a new blog which I think will sorta replace this as the priority until I can find more time to work less, live…etc.

And to be totally clear, these are all first world problems. But still.


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