#Twitter @RalphRudeSays

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Tweets

Ima make a hologram of me doin my "I’m Not The Daddy" dance in case i AM the daddy. I’ll be south of the border n HoloTrey gon shame a bitch
I must say… Technology has come entirely too far for hoes to STILL be takin pictures in the bathroom. Jesus rose. Do better.
I’m not gon wash my balls 20 times a week. Niggas got water bills. Ain’t tryna fornicate wit you 20 times in a MONTH yo.
Who the hell started this "sex 20 times a week" conversation?! Have a fuckin seat hoe, I got a job to go to!
Every kid in the entire world knows they the boss of some shit. You got a bed time lil nigga, eat your fuckin french fries.
Kids are assholes. All of em. Inherently. They be tryna throw smoke screens with the cute shit, but you can’t fool me. I live this shit.


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