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Amazing: Upstairs

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Interesting: Grouper Date

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Ramblings
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I was invited to try out an interesting concept: Grouper.

It’s a brilliant concept and terrific business model. The service logs into your Facebook and matches you with a person of your desired gender and tries to ensure there’s compatibility and no mutual friends. Each ‘dater’ invites 2 friends of the same gender. Each person pays $22 which covers one drink, and Grouper books the venue. If you can figure out that economics here, you’ll see why this is brilliant.

The date itself was very interesting before it started. Was there a strategy involved? How do you signal individual interest in a group setting? How do you end the date discretely?

Our side consisted of the ‘desperate’ and the two ‘friends’ and in our case the matching was a bit off. You can always tell by initial reactions and it was clear the more attractive one from the other side was not into it. And when our side discovered we were ages 24-26 and they were 30-33-35+ it became clear nothing was going to really happen. However, we did stay past one drink, spent 2 hours and I was invited (of the group) to the next round/location.

I count it as a win given my status as the non-matched. My personality is so sparkling…yet I’m single. Kidding. I’m totally OK with it…

I think this trailer looks amazing!!! Charlize Theron is clearly the reason why this will be stellar, and the visual effects from the team that did "Alice in Wonderland" is a recipe for success. I’m super excited despite Kristen Stewart.


Drake x Rugrats

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Brokenhearted – Karmin

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Quotable: Happy Bonin

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Friend: won’t make it to ny
but if you have time let’s have a phone chat before you leave
if not, pretty sure skype works in london too
Me: hha, it does
i had the most frustrating convo trying to get my parents to install skype on their phones
Friend: lolololol
do they have smartphones?
also are you bringing a working comp to london
Me: androids
yeah, i’ll have to
it’s what will become my work comp since we all use laptops
Friend: i will be super free starting tuesday bc [my boo is] out of town
Me: will do, happy bonin
Friend: always is

Amazing: Yarn Bombing

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The lyrics for this song are too real. I’ve either done this or had it happen. #brutal

#Twitter: @whitegrlproblem

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Tweets

Your top just reminded me how unflattering green can be. Thanks!
Not to be negative, but I hate your baby’s name. #whitegirlproblems
I’m going to close my eyes and you’re going to take these croutons out
of my salad. #whitegirlproblems
Everyone needs one amazing fat friend. #whitegirlproblems
I consider someone I’ve met once at a party a total stranger, even if
we did do a ton of coke together
A Gosling-free Oscar night is a night for getting blackout wasted,
crying, and texting your ex to come over

Corp. Bites: Business Bingo

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Everything
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I expressed a difficulty concentrating in meetings where we’ve done the same presentation 10 times, practiced the same speaking roles 35 times as a team and are then expected to remain engaged as if it’s new for the subsequent times. My manager told me of a fun game that was played in business school: bingo.

The rules:

Strategically place the people who are most likely to participate (this was in the context of business school) and yourself in a bingo square.
Mark your squares when said person participates.
Call bingo, which is a predetermined, and use that word in a sentence as you participate

Enjoy and don’t get caught

Call Your Girlfriend (cover) – Erato

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Faux Pas or Fashionable?

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Fashion
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There’s been some controversy brewing over a recent editorial in Vogue Italia, the same magazine that featured the ‘all black issue.’