Florida Republicans x Obama

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Everything
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via Miami Spice

Almost every piece of furniture in the White House is an antique and often a gift from a foreign country or some dignitary. I’m fairly sure that there is a story behind each one. It is obvious that this guy did not have a proper upbringing and has not demonstrated the respect that most other people would exhibit toward that stately mansion and it’s contents. How many people would go to the Guggenheim and prop their nasty feet up on those furnishings. Our White House is every bit as much of a museum as any other establishment of that caliber.

Pop Quiz: What do ALL these pics share in common?

They all show the same lazy jackass with a basic disrespect for the White House and its furnishings! The White House belongs to the ‘People of America’ and should be more revered than to use anything and everything for a foot rest! It also shows to the citizens of America that this lying imposter has NEVER EVER lived in or learned anything about America during his younger years.

What do you expect from a Chicago hustler,

no class, no manners, no social graces.

"OBAMA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Florida Republicans,

WHY ARE YOU SO RACIST? Someone needs to pat you on the back and say "Girl, let. it. go." I read this as "Why is this nigger in our office, and why are his feet on our good, precious white furniture?"

I found this from a good friend whose Mom replied all with pictures of Bush, Nixon and Johnson: "I’m sending you this in case any idiot sends you the photo of Obama with his shoes up on the desk. THEY ALL PUT THEIR FEET UP."


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