#Twitter: @YesImWaspy + @PrepSchoolBtch

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Tweets

If you’re hoping for an early spring you clearly only own one house.
Gross. #YesImWaspy
When I’m bored I go through my contacts and delete all the numbers with questionable area codes. #prepschoolbitch
Ok officer, I have been drinking. But must we go through this whole "Get out of the car routine" we know you can’t arrest me. #YesImWaspy
The last time something burned in my house for 8 days, I needed penicillin immediately. #YesImWaspy
This year’s college admissions are really proving you have to be brown to get into Brown. #prepschoolbitch
Sometimes I throw extravagant parties just for the pleasure of not inviting the people I hate. #prepschoolbitch


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