Sensitive or Diligent?

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Ramblings
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It would seem that I am being sensitive or paranoid as some might say; however, I do believe that I am being diligent.

Here’s the situation. My manager at work is responsible for my overall career development, which means that she provides all of my feedback and delivers it. She has overseen committees that I’ve been part of and has led my projects. Our relationship is how I would describe that with my mother except that maternal love (given blood lines and other mandatory ties) are absent.

I have a mentor within the company whom I confide a lot to.

Our group assigns people mentors and now my supervisor also has the same mentor as me. And guess what? No one sees this as problematic or worth notifying any parties.

Why is this potential problem? My manager hadn’t told me until today (days after being made aware), the committee didn’t inform me and the VP overseeing the process with insight into all of the relationships inside and outside of the group didn’t think it was important to let me know.

Almost everyone I asked thought I was being paranoid. However, I say these people are not diligent.

To use a comparable example. If I were you best friend and confidant, I bet you’d be upset if I became best friends with your significant other and didn’t make you aware.

Oh I bet it makes sense now.


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