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Sensitive or Diligent?

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It would seem that I am being sensitive or paranoid as some might say; however, I do believe that I am being diligent.

Here’s the situation. My manager at work is responsible for my overall career development, which means that she provides all of my feedback and delivers it. She has overseen committees that I’ve been part of and has led my projects. Our relationship is how I would describe that with my mother except that maternal love (given blood lines and other mandatory ties) are absent.

I have a mentor within the company whom I confide a lot to.

Our group assigns people mentors and now my supervisor also has the same mentor as me. And guess what? No one sees this as problematic or worth notifying any parties.

Why is this potential problem? My manager hadn’t told me until today (days after being made aware), the committee didn’t inform me and the VP overseeing the process with insight into all of the relationships inside and outside of the group didn’t think it was important to let me know.

Almost everyone I asked thought I was being paranoid. However, I say these people are not diligent.

To use a comparable example. If I were you best friend and confidant, I bet you’d be upset if I became best friends with your significant other and didn’t make you aware.

Oh I bet it makes sense now.


via Fashion Indie

“São Paulo fashion week sells the image of a Swiss Brazil where everyone is white and blue-eyed. The organisers … forget that more than half of Brazil’s population is black,” says Frei Davi Santos, a Brazilian race campaigner behind a series of protests over São Paulo Fashion Week.

The seeds of the protest were planted in 2008 when an inquiry by São Paulo’s public prosecutor revealed that out of 1,128 models booked for fashion week, only 28 were black. Oranizers agreed to a voluntary two-year, 10% black model quota — affirmative fashion action — which many designers have reportedly ignored.

Protestors are now calling for a 20% quota in hopes of more accurately representing the Brazilian population, which is 50.8% black. However, that figure means nothing as consumers “still reject the combination of black [models] and luxury clothing”.

At least they do according to Vivian Whiteman, fashion editor of the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo. Whitey, as I like to call her, wrote an article on the Brazilian modeling industry’s rampant racism that included an interview with Bruno Soares, a booker of Afro-Brazilian descent.

“For historical reasons,” claims Soares, “Brazil’s black population has been poor and not a consumer of fashion. This is reflected in the casting.”

But for Frei Davi Santos, that bigoted cup just doesn’t hold water:

“Brazil is a country that still insists on emphasising its European side and discriminating against its beautiful indigenous and Afro-Brazilian populations. We do not want catwalks that look like catwalks in Switzerland or England.”

Seems to me this problem is easily remedied. Gisele in black face. I mean, it worked for Beyoncé. [Guardian]

I am always perplexed by how Brazilian beauty is perceived, it seems that the mainstream (read: white people, mostly) often associate Brazilian beauty with an ethnic (exotic) look. Yet, the population that they reference is not usually the melting pot Brazil that I or any person who knows the demography of the country. Brazil has more African-American descendants than the US (outside of the African continent), although it seems one would never know that from media perception and coverage.

What troubles me most is that the beauty coming out of Brazil is often white girls with tans. I say this because many of the people in Brazil have European origins and are essentially no different than a German (Giselle) or Italian (Isabelli), yet the way we iconize them would be that the mixture of their looks is why they are beautiful. The mixed girls are usually not discussed or scouted.

The most worthy of mention is Adriana Lima who proudly admits a mixed heritage and does reflect a beauty (to me) that is indicative of Brazil. She is not fair skinned nor is she just tanned, but she does appear to be at least ethnically ambiguous which is how I think Brazil should be perceived. And that’s only half way to what I think we should see which are girls that look Afro-Latino a la Rosario Dawson, Zoe Saldana or even Halle Berry. I’m sure those kinds of girls can be found.

Taye has written a children’s book called ‘Chocolate Me!’ where he draws from hurtful personal experiences from when he was younger and teaches kids to be happy just the was they are. As a dad with a 2-year-old interracial son, Taye discusses raising a mixed race child, how race affected him growing up, his parent’s making sure he always had positive black influences and how he feels Denzel and Wesley Snipes created a “shift” in the industry for the dark chocolate brothas. He also recently sat down with and revealed that it wasn’t until he accidentally came across an article about Tyson Beckford that he was proud to be dark


Vogue Brasil: Adriana Lima

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Damn, she is doing what she does best! Although her body is good (really good), I think her face is her golden ticket.

Thinspo No Mo’ – CFDA introduces health guidelines for NY Fashion Week
Ancient Shade – Madonna throws some dust at Janet Jackson re: Nipplegate ’04
Snoop > Kim K – Snoop calls Kim K out as the cold-blooded, Mandingo-loving skeev that she is
Beyonce Class – Rutgers U will be offering a class on Beysus and her impact on race relations, perceptions of beauty, etc
Perfumes – French court has fined perfume giants for price fixing

Epic: Detention Slip x Masturbation

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All new meaning to ‘come at me, bro’

#Twitter: @GSElevator

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#1: Affirmative action doesn’t bother me. It’s not like I could have
done much better than Harvard and Goldman Sachs.
#1: Hey, do you have change for a $20? #2: $20’s are change, bro.
#1: Work life balance is such bullshit…. Between work, sleep, and
blacking out, I pretty much wrote off my 20s.
#1: Groupon… Food stamps for the middle class.
#1: Treating extended family members to sushi is like watching vultures devour roadkill. #becausetheyrepoor

IRL: Rock, Paper, Scissor

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Dating Story: “HPV Boy”

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Recently, I enjoyed the retelling of the "HPV Boy" story and remembered that I needed to blog this for you all.

Background: A friend of mine has been going on a few dates with this guy and the topic of science and research came up.

HPVB: *Goes down on Friend and expects reciprocity*
Friend:I’m sorry, I can’t. I don’t want to get cancer
HPVB: What?
Friend: I read that giving oral sex to a guy who may have HPV could lead to oral cancer and I don’t want to take that risk

HPVB: What….I don’t believe that
Friend: I’m a medical student, I know what I’m talking about.
HPVB: The research is not that conclusive, where’s your facts?
Friend: *Pulls up laptop while still in bed and cites study*

HPVB: That’s in The Times, but the research is not definitive…

Resolution: Friend & HPV Boy argue a bit more about it. He zips up, puts on his clothes and walks out. He goes home at 2am from an outer borough back to Manhattan.

Wow at this whole encounter. I live for these kinds of stories…

Titanium – David Guetta & Sia

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I love this song. Sia vocals are perfect as always.

HaHa: Old Spice x Terry Crews reel

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Despite the timeliness, it’s still hilarious

Biggest White Boy Dilemma II

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It would seem that what Gawker had covered as the “Biggest White Boy Dilemma” in choosing between playing in the Harvard-Yale game and going for a Rhodes interview has become more “interesting” and quite sad.

NEW HAVEN — On Nov. 13, Patrick J. Witt, Yale University’s star quarterback, announced that he had withdrawn his Rhodes scholarship application and would instead play against Harvard six days later, at the very time of the required Rhodes interview. His apparent choice of team fealty over individual honor capped weeks of admiring national attention on this accomplished student and his quandary.

But Witt was no longer a contender for the Rhodes, a rare honor reserved for those who excel in academics, activities and character. Several days earlier, according to people involved on both sides of the process, the Rhodes Trust had learned through unofficial channels that a fellow student had accused Witt of sexual assault, and the Rhodes Trust informed Yale and Witt that his candidacy was suspended unless the university decided to re-endorse it.

Witt’s accuser has not gone to the police, nor filed what Yale considers a formal complaint. The New York Times has not spoken with her and does not know her name.

The quarterback, who is 22, is no longer enrolled at Yale, but he has not graduated. University officials would not explain his status, and Witt did not respond to messages left over several days on his cellphone, his Yale e-mail and his Facebook page.


LOVE: CalenClock

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Best Gift Ever

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I bought this back pack for myself (to transport my laptop etc) for when I go to work. It’s not purple, it’s blue. And it’s amazing. It’s so not ‘corporate’ is so random. I have yet to decide what to put in the area for my name. I’ve considered the following:

My name
My initials
“[   ]”
“See inside”
“See back for instructions”
“Please turn over”
“Is on my license”

Innovative: Perfect Package

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