Parental Interactions

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Everything
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I’m always hesitant to say that I’m spoiled, because I don’t think that it is really fitting for who I am. My parents do a lot for me now but much of that is because of how much they weren’t able to do when I was growing up, and I always use my brother’s privilege as a point of comparison. Taken together, I consider myself relatively not spoiled. And for more clarity, my parents don’t provide material things, it’s just that they do provide a lot.

Me: What do you want for xmas?
Mother: I already have it – health, family, love, happiness. My parents and brother think differently so buy [for] them.
Me: OK, what does [Dad] want?

Mother: He likes watches
Me: OK, anything besides that you think he’d like?
Mother: Sweaters, brown or black leather gloves, t-shirts with good neck.

Is it bad that I thought my mother was describing magazines at first? And I thought, I guess she has all the magazines she wants. Am I that far removed from my parents or from reality that those four things seem like tangible objects that can be bought? Or am I just over thinking it?

And, how simple does my father sound from my mother’s description? He likes watches. LOL.


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