Posted: December 5, 2011 in Everything
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The last two weeks have been interesting because of two LSNs, a term my Jamaican friend says all the time and with the perfect intonation that makes it sound like a jab at the otherwise ‘colorist’ African-American community.

The first tale is of an LSN in Louboutin sneakers. Kingston hates this LSN but I can’t give me details as to why. It’s mostly around some underlying LSN insecurities.

The second tale is of a Harvard LSN that no one really likes, but most tolerate. The reason I hate this LSN besides being considered an arrogant person would be this Facebook message post-HY:

between me and you, stop dancing and perturbing my bitches, seriously, if i had a girl to wife…i would slap both of u so act right…

Again, a tale of male insecurity, but why oh might LSN? If your bitches love you and you have things under control, why wouldn’t they be fallin in line? I’m just saying…

I actually don’t hate LSNs, but I do find that they often have been given more license to be trife, arrogant and otherwise LSNs in a way that is undeserved.


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