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Confession: Lack of Focus

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Ramblings
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I’m living a very ‘New Adventures of Old Christine’ life these days, and learning so much about myself. I’ve become inspired to write about how how I lack of focus and that I think I may have a genuine ‘disorder’ like ADD/ADHD…or I have a brain so desensitized to stimulus that I have to overload it to feel anything.

I was ‘called out’ for not being able to focus in a conversation, unable to not observe my surroundings while holding this full conversation. And at work, I have been given feedback that I appear disengaged when others are speaking (20% of the time), yet I can follow up with an excellent question. It’s so foreign that this ‘flaw’ is now being fully dealt with. Even now, I have my tv on and this computer on, listening to music and writing. Recently, I have taken to using two computers because of the ease of going between browsers, tabs and windows. Did you know that I have over 100 tabs currently open on my work computer and personal computer?

Now when I really think about it, the reason it was never a problem was because I have always been effective at getting things done when only results matter. In school, I would do my homework for class A in class B. In college, I would have two side-by-side windows open in every lecture: Facebook/social media and Word to take notes. The times when I am forced to focus on just one thing, I would fall asleep – Hello, MCB 80. Or how I have always done my homework and written essays with music or in a busy environment; I spent my time in the dhall writing essays in college because I couldn’t focus in a silent setting.

Now that I’ve happened upon situations where the process is important, I don’t do as well ‘tasking’ as opposed to multitasking. At work, where relationships matter and we have so much team time and face-to-face interaction that is often repetitive I find it difficult to keep my brain stimulated, not because it is not interesting but because the novelty quickly wears off and my brain can start to fill in the not so blank blanks. I think this isn’t as much of an issue, because I can always feign genuine engagement after the 30th dry run presentation. However, when it comes to relationships that are much more lasting, I do have to learn to focus.

I think that my inability to focus has led me to be very adventurous when it comes people (take that for what it is), but that eventually I do get bored. I’m now trying to find ways to find interesting/mysterious people that are a constant source of work for my brain OR a way to think less, and focus more. I can’t sit through a date without looking around while engaged in conversation nor can I remain on the phone, phone pressed to ear. I have to use headphones so that I can multitask while I’m speaking. And this got me to thinking that I might just have a problem with being desensitized.

The amount of things that I do for the rush alone support this idea, and my precipitous drop in interest of said person or activity is further support. Is there a fix to this? Do I want it? I think much of who I am and what makes me unique is how I process tons of information/stimuli and think about everything. Would I be willing to give that up with say a Ritalin or the like?


Mindblowing Photo

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I love this song, and I haven’t really listened to all of the lyrics and put them all into appropriate context. However, you know how much I love Sara Bareilles and her voice is truly enchanting.

I’m pretending that this is a song dedicated to lost or long distance lover, in remembrance of better and loving times. Maybe it’s because my love life right now is very dull…and a lot of that has to do with me not knowing what I wanted when there was interest and now that I know a bit more not having the right people around.

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Do you know what a shame crush is? It’s pretty self-explanatory but let me give you the basics just in case you’re not familiar. A shame crush is when you find yourself liking someone who’s totally not your type, someone who might even be a little embarrassing. The seminal Avril Lavigne pop hit,”Sk8er Boi” explored The Shame Crush with its star-crossed love story. (He was a punk. She did ballet, remember?)

Shame crushes come in all shapes and sizes and your first instinct might be to think that they’re all just hideous eyesores with lovely personalities but that’s not true. You can be ashamed of someone for reasons other than their subpar looks, duh! One of my ultimate shame crushes would be a yuppie type living in Midtown who plays “Hey Soul Sister” during sex — someone who clearly isn’t from the same “tribe” as me, but whom I adore anyway. Basically, you can rate a crush’s shame level based on how “WTF?!” your friends are going to be when you introduce them. Honestly, your friends are the main reason why shame crushes even exist. Think back again to Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi” or the amazing Nicolas Cage film, Valley Girl. Do you think the ballet princess or the Valley girl would’ve minded so much falling in love with an alterna-teen (especially if they were as hot as Nicolas Cage in the ’80s) if it weren’t for their friends being judgemental divas? Even though we hate to admit it, their opinions mean a lot to us, especially when we’re younger and more insecure.

The funny thing about shame crushes is that they’re often the most fun kind of crush to have. When we find ourselves attracted to someone we would’ve ordinarily been repulsed by, it’s exciting and sexy. It’s like, “You’re kind of chubby and balding and I’m 99% sure you go see Dave Matthews Band at the summer festivals, but I want to have SEX with you more than I would a supermodel and I have no idea why.” Oftentimes, we go through life dating the same kinds of people and have little success. We gravitate towards people who look good on paper (and in photographs) but actually fail to excite us in real life. They’re too obvious. (This is the part where I try to avoid saying “OPPOSITES ATTRACT, OMG!”)

Okay, I didn’t want to have to bring this up but it seems to be unavoidable. You guys know the most famous shame crush in pop culture, right? It’s Charlotte and Harry from Sex and the City! I know, I didn’t want to be on that Carrie Bradshaw tip but bear with me because it’s relevant. Charlotte spent most of her time dating the kind of men a WASPy girl from Connecticut was supposed to be dating: Stoic, wealthy bores. But when she met Harry — a hairy Jewish lawyer who was a total slob — she was like, “Gross slash come have sex with me.” Initially, Charlotte was shaming hard about her shame crush and couldn’t figure out why she was so attracted to them. Eventually though, she stopped questioning it and gave in to the shame.

Let Charlotte York be a lesson to all who have struggled with shame crushes before. In my experience, the more puzzled you are by an attraction, the more awesome it is. Sometimes it’s the ones we can’t figure out that end up making the most sense. So embrace the shame and stop worrying about what your friends think. No matter what happens, it’s important to note that shame crushes usually bring about the best sex anyway.

Yes, these are truly the worst. I have many of these, and I can’t help why.

Spirits > Beer OR Wine

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I was very unaware of politics this year, primarily because I’m not a Republican and what they say generally does not interest me nor the way Dems feel obligated to respond to them. However, it seems this video was huge this year and inspired many memes.

Interesting perspective on his beliefs


Numéro #129: Karlie Kloss

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karliecover <em>Numéro</em> #129 December/January 2011.2012 Cover | Karlie Kloss by Greg Kadel

karlie kloss7 Karlie Kloss by Greg Kadel for <em>Numéro</em> #129

Porn or Cartoon (NSFW)

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Yes, modern times have made it acceptable and common to handle things the quick and easy way, but for certain people, acceptable and common is not enough. Take one minute out of your life and let your really close friend know you’re happy they were born.

According to Wikipedia, the text message was invented in the late 1980s to enhance mobile communication for the deaf – sort of like how the Internet was invented for NASA but woked out really well for porn.
Here, to help everyone behave a little better, are the Top Ten things you should never communicate in 140 characters.

(Note: the below only applies to people and situation you care about, or are trying to seem like you care about).

Big Secrets
The “forward” feature was invented to make it easy to send an exact copy of a text to many, many people. It also very conveniently allows you to alter the original message to take out things like, “Don’t tell anyone but…” for example. Tread lightly.

Sincere Apologies
Not like, “sorry I didn’t make it out last night, totally crashed.” That’s valid. More like, “I’ve been thinking about our fight and it really was dick of me to ignore you at that party cuz I was pissed from the night before.” That’s invalid, over the character limit, and bound to send you back to the doghouse for at least another day. Also, it’s not an apology.

Birthday wishes to really good friends
Please just call. And if you go to voicemail, please leave a nice message. Yes, modern times have made it acceptable and common to handle things the quick and easy way, but for certain people, acceptable and common is not enough. Take one minute out of your life and let your really close friend know you’re happy they were born.

And if you have to ask yourself if the person is a good enough friend to call versus text, they’re not.

Legit Congratulations
See above. Replace “you’re happy they exist” with “you’re so proud they won an Emmy.”

Pictures of your privates and/or brand new engagement ring
The boobs shot will get passed around like hot foreign athletes in an Olympic Village. The engagement ring will just annoy the shit out of whomever you send it to.

Passive aggressive fight starters
“Um, r u dead or just ignoring me?”

Responses to passive aggressive fight starters
“Just ignoring u”
Fact: The fastest way to escalate a fight is to conduct it over a medium that doesn’t allow for tone. Text, IM, Gchat, email, BBM – all instruments that will further the fight.

It’s hard to convey true sorrow for any kind of loss on a 3×3 inch screen, unless what was lost is someone else’s dignity. In that case “Dude that chick was busted” works just fine.

Don’t do this. Ever. If you’re asking “why?” then you don’t deserve to be in a relationship with another human.

Initiation of a first date
Last because it’s sure to elicit the most eye rolls. Listen, I think text is a wonderful tool for sending snippets of info to speed up communication and save cell phone minutes (if those even still exist). I also acknowledge that it’s very nerve-wracking to make that first date set-up call and very easy to type, “Hey, it’s Joe from last night. Want 2 hang Fri?” Bottom line, if you’re too nervous to call me, you’re too nervous to date me.

Short Film: Portrait

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Interesting when you think about how photographers really do ask you to do things that warrant the worst pictures

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Life-Altering Picnic Table of the Day

Pet Peeve: The word ‘ghetto’

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Vagina Pagina: Next time someone (white) calls something ghetto, I’m going to ask them, “Do you mean resourceful? Clever? Creative?”…



If you answer, “No, I meant ghetto as in shitty,” then don’t be surprised if a fist comes flying.


Loïc Wacquant, From Slavery to Mass Incarceration— [The ghetto] is a relation of ethnoracial control and closure built out of four elements: (i)…

I legitimately get bothered when people say ‘ghetto’ as if it’s acceptable from a socio-cultural or socio-economic perspective. I actually live in what many would describe as a ghetto, and find such ignorant parallels frustrating. Like ‘who the fuck is you!’ However, I don’t resort to violence, just an immense loss of respect and endless side eyes.

Santa Sign

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Sign Of The Times of the Day

World Go Boom – DJ Earworm 2011 Mashup

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Amazing: Book Sculptures

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Kickass Artwork of the Day