Work life (in)balance

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Ramblings

via blue tea leaves

I’ve been working pretty long hours recently, like a shit load of hours. As in I haven’t paid for dinner (after 7pm) or taken the subway (cabs after 8pm) in over a week. This is the second project where I’ve been on this schedule, and surely my body will degrade like the paper on this wall.

Each day is a struggle to keep focus and not lose engagement, or have a bad attitude or any of the other things that come naturally when you’re overworked but in a very high-touch group at work. Did I mention the health conditions that initially started via work? The most recent being what I thought was a hernia, but is now not…well, not a serious hernia at least.

I guess I’m saying all of the seams (cracks if you will) are being exposed. Now they’re internal, while before they were external. To the outsider, I would be told that I am being mature and this is the way the world works. To me I say ‘fuck that shit’ where is my happiness? I don’t do delayed gratification very well. Or when I do, my insides start to look like what you see above.

Do you really want me breaking down from the inside?


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