Enjoy Europe…in America

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Food for Thought

Excuse my frankness, and hear me out. I want to encourage you to have sex with Europeans that are living in America.

I won’t romanticize Europeans as good lovers because they have accents, have a different sense of self than Americans and are naturally more sexually liberated. Those are all nice to haves, and things that you can find when you visit Europe.

Europeans who have left for America are better than regular Europeans because they often have much less attitudw about being European and have been numbed by American-ness that they won’t find you annoying, loud or stupid (relatively, of course).

Why am I saying to have sex with them? That’s mostly how I’ve meet cool new people, which sounds strange. But sexual chemistry for me is really an extension of deeper personal chemistry. If we can have good sex, we can likely have great conversation. Or maybe I have just been lucky to have had great conversations with people I also have great sex with. The post-coital conversations are even better, and you’ll likely find out some cool things about regions/countries you may not have been to. And that’s why I say enjoy a European, not just for the sex, but the great conversation and hospitality offered.

Why do I mean by hospitality? Don’t be suprised if your Euro lover invites you to dinner (home made or after ‘the fun’), because they’re just really hospitable. And it really doesn’t mean they’re in love with you. That’s the caveat where most Americans get hung up and hurt. Just learn to go with the flow, and detach lover from a good vibe.

I think you’ve now realized these are the ultimate friend with benefits lovers. We all need that, right? Or at least any young 20something, I’d say. Except the benefit here isnt just sex but also a new perspective. I want to caveat this by saying you likely won’t find love in the sitch and that ‘European’ can be replaced by ‘European-minded Americans’ (but that’s very rare).


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