Colored Paints for Men

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Everything
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via The Daily What

Manly Marketing Campaign of the Day

In an effort to man up their color line, Canadian chemicals manufacturer CIL has introduced Ultimate Man Caves — the country’s first paint collection marketed exclusively to men.

In lieu of frilly names like “Fairytale Green,” “Silver Lace Vine,” and “Venetian Turquoise,” CIL’s “manly colors” sport testeroned titles like “Beer Time,” “5 O’Clock Shadow,” and “Zombie Apocalypse.”

“Every competitor is about the design and the warm fuzzy feelings you get from the colours,” said CIL Paints spokeswoman Alison Goldman, adding that they wanted to inject some “funny” into an otherwise “less than fascinating product.

She acknowledges that there have been a few complaints. “Men are more than beer,” said one less-than-satisfied customer. “[S]ome of us like ballerina slippers.”


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