Disturbing trend: Kids on YouTube

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Ramblings

Lately many parents have ‘helped’ their children gain internet notoriety by posting videos of them crying.

I thought it was funny when Jimmy Kimmel did it with parents telling their kids that their Halloween candy had been eaten. But unprompted, the videos seem less funny and more like exploitation. The recent crop have been focused on parents getting the reactionms of 6 years old devastated that their favorite football team lost.

While I can see that the difference is marginal between the situations, but toddlers should not know that much about football. The boy crying about the Jets can barely form coherent sentences even when he’s not crying, and he probably doesn’t understand fractions. Yet he knows about the different contingency plans that it takes for his favorite team to reach the Super Bowl. I would imagine that a lot of this has to do with parental influence, which is why it’s a bit bothersome.

I should point out that YouTube is a free service and I’m not talking about censorship, but both videos were picked up by the national news. Has anyone forgotten about our bullying problem? Someone will find that video and those kids are going to hate their parents a lot, or do something regrettable.


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