Argh, I am mad

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Food for Thought

Lately, I have been getting pissed off at work. I like my project and my director, but everything else is what is killing me. We get all of these talks about transparency or ‘the rules’ yet all we see is secrecy and ‘exceptions.’ My question is why would you hire ‘smart’ people and try to pull the wool over their eyes or assume that they can’t think strategically and see around your corners?

Anyway, to get to why I am most recently peeved. Today, I had a conversation where every single thing that I said was criticized or torn apart.

How are you liking your project?
Oh, I really like it a lot, I feel like this one is going to go somewhere
All, of our projects go somewhere, [insert examples here]
Well, what I meant was that this one is different from the other ones because [insert valid reasons]
But we do these types of projects [insert more talking points]
Ok, what I meant was that this one feels more immediate
But, the one you just did is being actioned
Yes, but only in Phase III

And then I gave up, and we moved on to actual feedback for someone else that was completely dissected as well. So when I said I’m happy or I like something I probably should hedge some more, but I don’t understand why every little thing has to be contested. Did I mention that this was with a Vice President in the group? #howmatureofyou


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