Reunited! Re-friended

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Everything

He’s here, he’s here. Or he was, he was. My favorite Swede and linkmate was in NYC this past weekend! Did I mention my favorite Ph.D. was in town also? Double win.

We did the standard fare of cheap bbq and margaritas (Texas-sized of course), and had a very long catch up dinner. The food was my favorite, but the company was better. We had the kind of nerdy conversation (the ones I miss most) that is commonly had in the yard and debated semantics: nice v friendly. Nice implies a good person (morally)while friendly is just the act of being nice. I think that makes me nice, but unfriendly. Right, right?

The highlight though was the closing of the loop on a friendship I sorta fucked up. We are now Facebook friends. Again.

Can we discuss how this fall has been a major time of reunions and how ironic that is given the nature of the season?


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