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Obama 2012

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App tracks Sleep – A new app uses brainwaves to track your sleep quality
Friends like Me – When given a choice in a large group, we choose friends that are similar to us
Anti-cebos? – Article ponders if antidepressants are just placebos with side effects
Brain Bugs – The internal milieu of bugs can influence your behavior, and so can antibiotics because they alter your internal fauna
Blackness – A recent medical study has shown a link between reported health and how dark/light a black person is…fascinating

Hmm: Business Self-Defense Kit

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Tech & Design
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via Yanko Design

“I thought it’d be pretty knarly to design a deck of self defense cards. Things such as brass knuckles, pepper spray, pocket knives & whistles to name a few,” says the designers.

Gchat: What’s in a label?

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friend: i’m amazingly awkward at telling people if i’m seeing someone or how i met someone i’m dating
me: is it because you two don’t have a label to what you are?
friend: partially
nah i don’t care about that
it’s more like
i went to a party he hosted last night
and a girl in his program asked me who i knew there
(i think)
but i interpreted as how do you know him
and i mini-panicked and was like, “uhhhhh we’re dating?”
but i think she interpreted this as “bitch how do you not know”
i mean
there is no formal/discussed label
but i’ve met enough of his friends that they assume we’re dating
or that’s how it’s presented
me: oh ok, at least that’s a good thing
at least it was a low-risk mini panic
friend: yeah
i did this with my ex too
i’m just super awkward about it
i think i just really dislike the term boyfriend
me: is ‘partner’ better?
friend: lolol
then i assume you’re gay/lesbian
me: lol
friend: i prefer “i’m seeing this person
rather than
“this person is my boyfriend”
me: i actually agree
boyfriend is so restraining
i mean, i can fuck people even if i’m seeing just one person
i’m kidding
i don’t like most terms of dating like bf or partner etc etc
friend: for some reason i don’t mind bf
in print
bc it kind of casualizes it
me: lover?
man friend?
friend: i just feel like “boyfriend” is so stick up your ass
lol boo
appropriate for non-black people
me: LOL