Halloweekend 2011

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Ramblings
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Remember when I told you about how I had an awkward encounter this weekend? It actually turns it that it wasn’t all that awkward after all.

Friday night, as I mentioned I went out with friends from high school, who left early but I decided to go back because I didn’t quite want the night to end just yet. And then the ‘ex spotting’ that caught me so off guard that I was stunned and in an uncomfortable silence. I did the requisite apology for being awkward, and thought that would be the end of it.

We actually wound up hanging out together for Halloween, which is actually…is random the right word for it? Maybe not, but I’m not sure what the right word is. I decided to up my Sesame Street character costume with a pair of shorts and a muscle tee, you know the cosmopolitan version of Elmo (I was much more conservative on Saturday night as Oscar the Grouch, my true self, I think). The punishment that I had to endure was not just the cold given my attire but being paraded around the store as we looked for said ex’s last minute costume.

The stares that I got made me realize that this moment was by far the most uncomfortable moment of the weekend, ex sighting had finally been trumped! However, in a show of solidarity said ex’s costume was ‘slut-ified’ which I actually appreciated greatly. Who knew that people made sacrifices for those they’re no longer dating?

After shuttling between two rather empty places (it was Sunday night, so that makes sense), we had some fun time dancing with enough room for Jesus and the Holy Ghost, and then we got some food. That was the moment where we shared some life updates, swapped current dating situations — said ex has a thing for my home region, I have a thing for said ex’s alma mater. What was most interesting though was our ability to sorta let the past go, which is a burden that I had been holding onto for a very long time. And of course, we had to if not briefly talk about the obvious:

Ex: So did you hate me?
Me: Uh, yeah
Ex: I bet I hated you more
Me: *restrained silence*

The thing that struck me was that I’m mostly over it, but if only because I had to force myself to be. I had to actively remember why that arrangement did not make sense for me, and fault find so as not to romanticize the past. But it’s interesting when you realize you don’t actually hate the person, but everything else that comes with it. There’s a lot that I’m not explaining, but I’m happy that I had this awkward encounter this weekend.

In a way, I guess this weekend was both a (surprisingly fortunate) trick and a treat (from the past). And now I’ve made this post cheesy, but that’s OK.

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