We Found Love – Rihanna

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Videos

Awesome video visually, but the drugs and abuse? Really Rihanna. Let’s not condone these types of behaviors.

Addendum: Upon further review, I have decided I’m OK with this video a bit. If you’re a young person that has never been in a relationship, the message is a poor one because it glorifies many of these bad behaviors. If you have been in a real/serious relationship, then this video is awesome. The rising action of the video as it starts off slowly, and builds; the faster climbing action that is ignited by pupils dilating. Finding love feels like this, and once you’re on that drug you really never want to let it go. The video does a good job of chronicling a relationship and resonates well with the lyrics of the song — the idea of wanting back what is bad because at least the good stuff will come back too. Eventually, it stops working out and you get sick of that particular drug and have to move on. Major kudos to the director of the video or whoever wrote the storyline for it.


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