#OOMF said…

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Tweets
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-I swear I wanted to punch my coworker in the face today. She kept talking about how ugly my new purse is. 1) the purse is cute 2) I don’t give a fuck if anyone else likes it 3) if you    regularly rock tacky kmart fashions idgaf about your opinion
-Dragged it, flung it, threw it, tossed it, dropped it, brought it back. Ch…did Everything.
-For a second I thought this woman wanted me to meet with Dean Hammonds, and inwardly I fell asleep in advance.
-Just ran through the new, confusing Facebook, which apparently serves no purpose other than to show me how fat everyone got in 4 years or less
-Sooo this boy who been gay since sandbox is in a relationship with a girl…well ok then
-Nope! I only wish Happy B-day to those that right [sic] on my FB wall


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