Fantasy Dating League?

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Ramblings

I have to admit that I barely know about Fantasy Football, but I do hear enough about it at work to become annoyed and (slightly) informed. SO please bear with any inconsistent comparisons.

I’ve been going on dates with two people (don’t worry, I’ve been following Patty’s rules), hooking up consistently with one person and meeting people out at clubs and bars. I feel like I say ‘Yes’ to too many date requests because I never know when my laziness will pay off and I’ll find what I’m looking for.

So what’s the fantasy football connection? I would say that each date is like a big game, and each move corresponds to points gained and points lost. Considering that I try to give it a 3 date testing period before I consider what I want, it’s like the pre-season. In honesty, I am really comparing across dates and seeing who will make the playoffs.

Although, the twist here is that there may be no superbowl winner. I’m still not sure of what I’m looking for yet. I’ve realized that I approach a dilemma every time: I’m either physically or mentally/intellectually interested, but very rarely both. I’m hooking up with someone who meets both requirements, but in my usual act of self-sabotage I ‘catch feelings’ for those who are not the right age or some other criteria that makes it unlikely to be anything too lasting.

I know that it’s not really an apt comparison anymore, but the standings track friendships and date-ships. Fuck-ships are completely separate, although I’m trying to minimize those. I would say for that reason it’s become something of a fantasy league, I’m not allowing myself to let it materialize. After the last relationship, I feel like I can find what I’m looking for but putting people through the ringer is trying. And those that do fit the bill, I’m too guarded to let it go to where it needs to go to.

Perhaps, I’ll quit football again. Last time I was too short, no longer as good at my position and I was lazy. This time, I’m just unsure of what I really want, I’m not emotionally available and I’m still lazy in love.


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