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Nerd Love: Be Nerdy

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Fashion
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Saw this girl’s bag on the subway, got inspired. It says ‘Be Nerdy’ in the nerdiest way: Beryllium, Nitrogen, Erbium, Dysprosium.


Halloweekend 2011

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Ramblings
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Remember when I told you about how I had an awkward encounter this weekend? It actually turns it that it wasn’t all that awkward after all.

Friday night, as I mentioned I went out with friends from high school, who left early but I decided to go back because I didn’t quite want the night to end just yet. And then the ‘ex spotting’ that caught me so off guard that I was stunned and in an uncomfortable silence. I did the requisite apology for being awkward, and thought that would be the end of it.

We actually wound up hanging out together for Halloween, which is actually…is random the right word for it? Maybe not, but I’m not sure what the right word is. I decided to up my Sesame Street character costume with a pair of shorts and a muscle tee, you know the cosmopolitan version of Elmo (I was much more conservative on Saturday night as Oscar the Grouch, my true self, I think). The punishment that I had to endure was not just the cold given my attire but being paraded around the store as we looked for said ex’s last minute costume.

The stares that I got made me realize that this moment was by far the most uncomfortable moment of the weekend, ex sighting had finally been trumped! However, in a show of solidarity said ex’s costume was ‘slut-ified’ which I actually appreciated greatly. Who knew that people made sacrifices for those they’re no longer dating?

After shuttling between two rather empty places (it was Sunday night, so that makes sense), we had some fun time dancing with enough room for Jesus and the Holy Ghost, and then we got some food. That was the moment where we shared some life updates, swapped current dating situations — said ex has a thing for my home region, I have a thing for said ex’s alma mater. What was most interesting though was our ability to sorta let the past go, which is a burden that I had been holding onto for a very long time. And of course, we had to if not briefly talk about the obvious:

Ex: So did you hate me?
Me: Uh, yeah
Ex: I bet I hated you more
Me: *restrained silence*

The thing that struck me was that I’m mostly over it, but if only because I had to force myself to be. I had to actively remember why that arrangement did not make sense for me, and fault find so as not to romanticize the past. But it’s interesting when you realize you don’t actually hate the person, but everything else that comes with it. There’s a lot that I’m not explaining, but I’m happy that I had this awkward encounter this weekend.

In a way, I guess this weekend was both a (surprisingly fortunate) trick and a treat (from the past). And now I’ve made this post cheesy, but that’s OK.

Party – Beyonce

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I’m guessing this is being released to coincide with Halloween because really Beyonce? You’re trailer trash? Maybe that’s an inappropriate term, but Beyonce, wtf?

Shared purely for its ridiculousness.

We’re a Culture, Not a Costume

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Everything
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Sorry for being awkward

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Ramblings

Last night I went out with a few friends and had a pretty decent time overall, the music was good at least at the second place and the atmosphere was fun. I didn’t want to leave just yet, so I went back after my friends left. And it happened.

Who is that that I see? I recognize those tattoos. Now I’m just drawing a blank, tweeting and texting what I’m seeing and how uncomfortable I feel. Should I leave, should I stay?

And bam, before I can do anything as I’m still stuck looking to my phone for consolation, I am tapped and greeted.

‘You couldn’t say ‘hi’? That would be the cordial thing to do.’ ‘Oh sorry, I didn’t know what to say…and yeah’ ‘And yeah what?’

Dumbfounded I stammer mostly as I really didn’t know what to say.

I couldn’t say, I noticed how good you look or that I’m happy to see you out when I know you don’t like going out. So I was just me awkward self. Got the memo that Facebook was frozen, number and carrier changed but that I should reach out and that we should hang out sometime. Pride: crushed. Did it all go down like that? My night was blown.

So as I left, my iPod was playing ‘We Found Love’ and I got depressed. I had to remember all of the bad in order to forget the good. I had to remember that all of those things had never really been resolved but ended. And then thankfully ‘Who you Are’ came on…

“Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars!
Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing,
It’s okay not to be okay.
Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart.
Tears don’t mean you’re losing, everybody’s bruising,
Just be true to who you are!”

And then I had to send the ‘sorry for being awkward last night.’ And yet it still surprises me when people are surprised that I have feelings and they too get hurt.

Colored Tools

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Tech & Design
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Torpedo 8 Piece Screwdriver Set

Capriole: Iris van Herpen

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Nerd post: Optical Illusion

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And some of you wonder why I studied psychology in college…when your area of focus is figuring this stuff out, you kinda want to go to class a lot. I mean, am I right?

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His favorite show is Entourage and he has small hands, but he tells me he’s worried about my weight so I love him. #whitegirlproblems
I don’t have the right body for my mirror. #whitegirlproblems
This iced tea tastes fattening. #whitegirlproblems
No, I don’t study in the library. That would be so gauche; my last name is emblazoned over the entrance. #ivyleaguebitch
I’m super tired from being tired all morning. #whitegirlproblems

1,500th Post!

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Ramblings

I reached a fun little milestone, my 1,500th post! I think that I’ve slowly transitioned to much better stuff over the course of my blogship, and I hope to take this baby public and wide-scale soon — that last hang up should be resolved by at least February.

In the interim, I do want to change things up a bit. So I’m opening up my blog to a guest blogger. I think it’ll be interesting to hear someone’s else perspective on things, and maybe even covering areas that are of no interest to me. To that end, feel free to send me an email, leave an anonymous comment or contact me somehow with a fully-written post or an idea.

I Need This – Jessie J

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Videos

If you couldn’t tell, Jessie J is my new favorite musician. And this is the most recent song that I like to listen to on repeat.

Vogue Russia: Cruella Fashion

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Resumes: Key Differentiators

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve been reviewing resumes for what feels like a very long time — 3 schools, 200 resumes. I even helped refine the criteria for what we look for in candidates to make it more equitable and targeted or what our group needs. What I have noticed is that when you glance past education, work experience and leadership, you find some fun little things.

Although, I do appreciate how much easier resumes in a standardized format are, I do find it to be all too reinforcing of similarity and conformity among students. I will mostly not focus on this because if your school demands a particular format, that’s the fault of the school. My area of focus for this post is actually on the "Skills and Interest" component.

No longer are student just putting the Microsoft suite under their skills or the random softwares that thy have esoteric knowledge of. Today’s students are putting done their travel experiences (bragging of their European adventures) or mentioning their personal bests for athletics or the number of stadiums they’ve been in. While, I do find that it adds character to otherwise boring resumes that read "Top School. Respectable GPA. Internship 1 -3. Etc," the socioeconomic indicators you can discern are interesting.

Traveled extensively in Europe (20+) countries. Polo. Scuba diving. Camel riding. French cuisine.

I would guess that it stands to reason that no one brags about travelling to that many S. American , African or Asian countries. I guess it depends on where you are applying to work, but I prefer to see that someone is interested in activism, running or is a gambler with a life time winning of $0. It’s just an observation that feels a bit tinged with classism when you read how these resumes are intended to evoke a sense of belonging. But then again, I don’t think that anyone should have to hide their class.

Awkward: Martha Stewart’s Daughter

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OMG. Icy and bitchy (it seems) just like her mother. And yet, I still love Martha.