Demystifying Spanish beauty

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Everything
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When I told some people I was going to Barcelona their responses were centered around how beautiful everyone is and that they are all model-esque. False.

Barcelona is just like every city, a very wide range of attractivess, except that they are many brunettes here compared to blonde American barbies. I will admit though that it’s more than Europeans are ‘more beautiful’ because they don’t suffer from ‘ponytail and glasses’ syndrome.

What is that? Remember that scene in ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ when Janie is ‘made over’ by removing her glasses and letting her hair down? Well, google it if you don’t. Europeans care about how they dress, sometimes to a fault (labels, labels, labels), they have tans usually (it’s amazing what good sun can do your aura/complexion) and they are generally less tense than Americans.

Simple solution: pay attention to how you dress, get a tan and relax. Now you’re beautiful. Considering how European they look (read: white) this is soooo attainable for most that check ‘white’ on the census.

You’re welcome and that will be $75.


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