El Berro

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Everything

So now I’m at this cafeteria getting some food, and I don’t entiendo the menu. I had to ask what each thing on it was as I’m trying to break from my hamburger diet – although I’m getting the beef at the recommendation of the waiter.

Embarrassment aside, no, I mean embarrassing aside that I can’t read the handwritten menu del dia or that it is not Castillian Spanish – the audacity! But seriously, the waiter than asked me in English after I said no entiendo. I mean, get the concept of ‘menu del dia,’ I am cultured…the concept of prix fixe is a part of my lexicon. But I didn’t understand the actual items.

No worries, I’ll just lovingly stare into your eyes until you figure it out. Oh no, it doesn’t work like that? Damn. Ok, so the next funny part was the beverage. What do you want? What do you have? Do you have alcohol? Cue enunciation of alcohol and you have confusion. I tried to explain that it’s not beer and not water, so he asked if I wanted beer and water as if I had offended the gods of drink (hello, Bacchus). It was all fine, but really funny to me to be honest.

Oh and I forgot the part where I said ‘surprise me’ with a recommendation for course number 2 #awkwardamerican. And that was followed by asking where I was from, ‘yeah, you have an American accent,’ what part, New York? New York. Manhattan or outside? Manhattan. Where in Manhattan? Chelsea. Ah, a Manhattan boy. Someone sounds well traveled!

Scrap that, the waiter has sent over a proxy so as not to deal with English-speaking misunderstanding of the menu. I guess, I did not make a new friend.


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