People Observation

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Everything

It’s interesting to note how ‘European’ Spaniards look generally given that we describe people in the US as ‘Spanish.’ I’m now understanding why Latino is often more appropriate, as the two types of gente are quite different.

Sure the people are dark (sometimes) or tan, but on the whole I could easily be in Ohio. I say that because both places are foreign to me, predominantly ‘white’ and I stand out a bit….I mean, a lot.

My new goal is to find an ethnic place with a good night life that feels ‘good.’ Barcelona does not feel bad at all, but self conscious me definitely feels a bit out of place.

And at this point you should be asking: why did you go there? And to that I will say partial ignorance and little due diligence. I have to ask people more similar to me in terms of interests where they like going, doing and seeing. I am writing this from the beach though, so I’m not complaining all that loudly.


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