Bruxelles -> Catalunya

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Everything
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The flight from Brussels to Barcelona was like one epic brown out. It was a two hour flight that felt like an eternity despite how it wasn’t memorable and that I was in and out of sleep (mostly asleep) for the duration of the flight.

The little Norwegian kid next to me was annoying, much of which I will attribute to me not understanding what he was saying. Is he a Spaniard? But his eyes and hair suggest he’s Aryan, but you can never tell. Was it Catalan? Nope, I felt like I heard some French words. I know it wasn’t Russian, so that ruled that out. And so I started to think: it’s got to be German. And then I saw his backpack, and Norway it was – he and his unruly siblings, all 5 of them were like a nagging fly.
But all was fine once I was awake to feel the delicious sun beating on my body. It felt like a happiness spell was cast over me. Bruxelles was rainy and cloudy, and now I had the solar rays I truly craved. And it felt rejuvenating after being up for about 20 hours (4 intermitten hours of sleep on the first plane) and walking Bruxelles.

Now, I’m on the Renfe to my hotel. Hopefully that is a pleasant surprise waiting….so the hotel/hostal isn’t so bad. I have my own room (hello, Mather single) but share a bathroom. Did I mention there’s free internet? And wifi? Reasons 1 and 2 that I liked this place.

And since this is my first/last Friday here, I *have* to go out. Gracias a mi amigo de Winthrop para la cita – ojala


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