Bienvenidos al Mundo Nuevo

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Everything
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Barcelona is like a whole new world…in the same way that most new cities are a whole new world (mundo nuevo). Aesthetically, it looks like San Francisco (kinda) but is laid out like Chicago (very spread out) but has streets and navigation as complicated as Boston.

I get lost and anxious on a daily basis. The streets are named, not numbered, and each street does not have a sign. Therefore, if you’re not facing the right direction or looking in the right place, you won’t actually know where you’re going…and no, maps actually don’t add much more value. I’ve taken to counting the blocks in order to navigate. It’s cute though, I get it, it’s like a ‘Members Only’ jacket for cities – how Williamsburg of you, Barca.

I’m not going to you to my NYC standards, because I’ve realized I made the right life choice in November of 2009. I will say that your people are indeed pretty (love those dark features) as is your city, but en estos momentos my heart belongs to NYC.

Did I mention that my hotel/hostal has a public library-esque policy on the websites that are censored? Trying to plan trips and make moves gets crushed when you can’t some precious information.

And no, I’m not having a bad time, and yes, you will read this and thinks so. However, it just means I need to think with my big brain and become cultured and not think with anything else. I mean, I only travel for 2 reasons, and being cultured (the actual experience, not openness to new peoples and understanding how others live) is usually only about 50% of the reason.

My intellect and my impulse remain hungry. Tomorrow, I feed my…I haven’t actually decided yet but I’ll get back to you.


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