Who I Am: Face

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Ramblings
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In talking to one of my friends, it became clear to me that I am a ‘face person.’ There are many types of people out there, most of whom it seems are ‘body people,’ and I would imagine that ‘face people’ and ‘personality people’ are in the minority.

It always surprises me when someone describes someone’s body dimensions – height, weight, build – before they say adjectives related to faces. I also find it interesting that we often are attracted to nice bodies with faces a distant (if at all) consideration. I just don’t get it (I do, but I choose not to). I figure that a face is what you see 90% of the time you’re with someone (assuming you’re not a nudist) and you should want something nice to look at in the interim for the other 10% of the time.

But I think I know why I believe what I do. It all stems from my belief of innateness and artificiality. You can’t alter the face you were born with (as easily) as the body you were dealt with. You can work out and have a nice body, but your face is not something that can be improved with diet and/or exercise. I think I like the honesty of a face, it says that you were lucky to be given a nice face or that your OK with what you’ve been given. However, the worked out body thing rings so artificial and more ‘hard work’ than innateness that I general discount its importance.

I mean, to each their own, but I really find it difficult to deal with a butterface (compared to a carface). And I think that for a relationship I’m probably Face > Personality > Body, and for everything else that’s very short term / insignificant I’m Face > Body > Personality.


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