Everybody Jones – Jim Jones

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Videos
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I LOVE this song, and I think the video’s integration of Twitter speaks my language.

I ❤ this song because the girl in the song reminds me of @whitegrlproblem on Twitter. Some of the best parts from the song:

And then this one time
I tried to talk to him and these other girls
They totally got in my way!
Can you believe that?
Their shoes weren’t even as expensive as mine

Like, oh my god
You guys isn’t that like Jim Jones?
He is totally amazing!
Do you know how did that song
Uh whats it called, Popping Champagne?

How many pairs of Louis Vuitton do I have to have
Before Jim Jones is gunna fuckin talk to me
Like, I wanna like, give him his own hash tag or something
Like Jim Jones problems
Like I can’t do that

And I don’t know what to say to him, I mean
Do you think he likes blondes?
I guess I could be blonder
I mean do you think Jim Jones needs me to be blonder?
Maybe I just need to loose weight?
I mean Im already under like 20 pounds, but I could totally go lower
Because he is just so, freaking, unbelievably adorable!
Like popsicle hot, like need to cry
OK where are my friends I need to talk to them about this right away
Maybe we can invent some sort of like twitter situations
So that everybody decides that Jim Jones should talk to me
Oh my god, oh my god he’s coming over here!


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