Nostalgia Post IV – Eleganza 2009

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Ramblings
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You all know how much love I have for Eleganza and it was my ‘thing’ – it helped me meet new people, find out what I actually enjoy doing and land an internship and full time job!

My most lasting memory associated with ‘ganza is associated with this song, as it’s one of many remixed popular songs that recreate the visualize of the show. In this section, it was Nightmare and EVW was walking down the runway with an umbrella; all hell broke loose after as the scene devolved into a beautifully dark and twisted visualization of a dream gone awry.

The myriad of things that I have learned from the show in no particular order nor exhaustive:

  • Leadership style: Tyrannical
  • Navigating the politics of beauty and social (to some extent, financial) capital
  • Fashion isn’t everything but sometimes it feels that way
  • Managing people is tough, and figuring out people’s motivations
  • Creativity and analytics can go hand in hand
  • Hustle, hustle, hustle

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