#Twitter: @Humblebrag

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Tweets
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RT @M_E_Winstead: You often hear actresses say "I lose roles for being too beautiful." I don’t ever get that. But I do get "too classy" and "too strong". Hmm.

RT @TheNatFantastic: Dear Santa. I know it’s early but I really want a male friend I’ve known for years that doesn’t eventually confess they love me. Ta mate x

RT @fionafong: Is it embarrassing that I’m dying to see the World’s Largest Dinosaurs exhibit at the Natural History Museum? I miss dinos class at Harvard!

RT @fionafong: Can you believe that its already been 3 years since I donned my gown and cap and received my Harvard diploma??? #harvardclassof2008 #imsoold


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