Concert Review: Adele @ Beacon Theatre 5/19

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Lyrics, Ramblings
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I must say that I definitely enjoyed the concert, and had pretty decent seats. You all know how great of a singer is Adele, and that she sounds flawless live or recorded in studio…but that begs another question: Is Adele akin to Mercedes’ rendition of ‘Tenderness‘ as Jesse judges:

Just a girl who can really sing

Both Mercedes and Adele are great vocalists, and I think what Jesse said actually gave me some thought for how I should judge which types of concerts I want to go to in the future. While Adele is not just a girl who can really sing – she’s amazing – her ability to vocally dazzle would be heightened if she could draw her audience in a bit more.

She is young, and I’m confident that she will be even better and more comfortable with time. I felt as though the derivation of good vibes and energy came from the viewer and their guest, who together made the energy great of that concert.

An alternative, controlling for a good vocalist and entertainer, is Beyonce. She visually dazzles you, you feel like you’re not just listening to the youtube videos of her her live. Even Lady GaGa mixes up the arrangement of songs so that we feel like we are being treated to something special.

Overall, the concert was really good. I was not annoyed with the crowd, I liked the space and all of my favorite songs were covered and she even managed to make me like the ones I don’t care for as much. If only she had material and her concert had been longer…but we can’t have everything now can we. Also, I saw Wilson Cruz at the concert and on the subway ride home. Google him.

My favorite Adele songs from 21:
I love the emotion of ‘Someone Like You’ because it’s a true (former) lover’s tale…the song you listen to when you want to remind yourself that you just gave up or lost the person that matter so much to you…so much so that you want to find someone just as good as them.

And then I snap out of it, and I remember that you can’t romanticize past relationships to fit into a framework that makes you feel like you’ll never find another. You reached the point where you couldn’t handle something, and you need the good with the bad.

  1. […] concert was very good, better than in terms of an experience than my last two concerts (Robyn, Adele). I’m going to attribute that mostly to my guest of honor, my blockie who wasn’t a fan […]

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