Say it with your eyes…

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Everything

via Thought Catalog

Animated Eyes

Animated Eyes belong to the person who’s engaging. They’re drunk and singing Ace of Base with four of their friends; they’re falling in love with their significant other over an average conversation. When you see someone with Animated Eyes, you wish they’d get off the fucking train. They remind you of who you are, which is not someone with Animated Eyes..

Headphone Eyes

Headphone Eyes look lost, like their owner is appreciating a language that no one else can understand. They dart around; self-conscious and all too aware that no matter how stimulated they are, they must stay in control. They can’t glaze over in ecstasy, they can’t shed a tear, and they can’t fully connect with what their neighbors, The Ears, have chosen to share with them. Headphone Eyes are always masquerading, pretending they’re Stoic Eyes or Indifferent Eyes, but the way they gleam gives them away.

Wandering Eyes

Wandering Eyes are rogue; they’ll eye fuck you in broad daylight while their owner sits wrapped tightly around their significant other. Wandering Eyes are running up and down the length of your thigh, filling in the blanks. Wandering Eyes are undressing you; they’re seeing soft swatches of fabric you’ve put on for someone else. They’re so loud and intrusive that you don’t just see them; you hear them. They’re saying, “You. You. You.”


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