Viral (quote) Disaster

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Everything

via The Daily What

Follow Up of the Day: Fake MLK Quote Origin Found On Facebook

Follow Up of the Day: Tipster Megan writes in to inform me that “Patient Zero” of the now-infamous misattributed MLK quote has been traced back to Facebook.

It seems the whole thing started innocently enough, when an American-born, Japanese-based English teacher named Jessica Dovey amended an actual Dr. King quote from his 1963 sermon compilation The Strength to Love with her own personal sentiments (see above).

Dovey’s words, clearly marked in the original post as being separate from the King quote, were then copied wholesale by her Facebook friends, and quickly spread throughout the web as a single, solitary quote attributed to MLK.

So now you know.

With the advent of technology, the flow of information is both a boon and a bane. In this case, the patient zero of this one misattributed quote is the reflected in thousands of facebook statuses. I think I’ve also seen history teachers with this quoted, and it sorta reflects our Wikipedia-era of fact-finding.


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