Spring Inspiration/Fashion

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Fashion
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Today was a beautiful spring day…I don’t know what the degrees were but it was lovely. So much so that I became inspired to share a few thoughts.

I think that I may like spring the most of all seasons for the people watching. Spring is the only season where you can wear pants or skirts / shorts, long sleeves or no sleeves, and really it allows for so much versatility of one’s wardrobe. You’re not confined to shorts OR pants as is the case for the other 3 seasons nor is a particular color palette forced on you…yet. With summer (and winter) come the responsibility to wear fitting colors. Thankfully, you can still wear your grays and non-pastels in the spring, and that’s OK; yet, once summer hits, wearing non-pastels is a no-no.

I think of spring as being the season when people have the most clothing freedom and you can really enjoy people’s sense of style and degree of fashionability. I am deciding to define style and fashion for your/my future reference. Style is a thing that someone possesses whereby they can dress for their body type and look their best despite the seasonal fluctuations in weight we all experience. Think those who look good for their bodies year round and on any occasion despite the winter layer and the sex-i-rexia well all put our bodies through in the summer.

Fashionability or how fashionable a person is is based on how current they are with trends. You can be up to date on the most current fashions, but not have them for your body type…think girls with Herve Leger dresses without Herve Leger bodies. Now if you can manage to be both fashionable and stylish, you then are a fashionista / sartorial male.

Anyway, that was really an excuse to post some happy thoughts. Today, I walked around my ‘hood with my supra gold sky tops, gym shorts, and a Cal a-shirt. Let’s just say I stunted on a few hoes.


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