Show Me Your Teeth

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Ramblings
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I went to the dentist…I mean endodontist on Friday, and it was surely an experience.

I had an appointment for noon, wasn’t seen (and hadn’t eaten anything besides breakfast) until 2pm-ish and was ultimately done at 4pm. The first thing the dentist said was that I definitely needed a root canal and that extraction wasn’t recommended for a good tooth. And then when she looked into my mouth (not the x-ray), she said:

Wow, you have interesting tooth anatomy…

And with that I felt sooooo good about my situation and my nerves associated with this root canal were not assuaged. Next up, novovaine. Nomnomnom. Except that I did feel the needles numbing me and then when it went into my gums. Yeah, that really hurt. And then she started to put in work…

The whole thing was an interesting experience. I kept my eyes closed as I did not desire to see the nerves removed nor the tooth being scraped. And then I was told that the last nerve was ‘tricky.’ Joy, I’m a freak. Or am I an X-Man?

Once the actual thing was done, hole filled, I had to hold the x-ray thing in my mouth so they could take the picture. The verdict: you have a small jaw, and really wide teeth. Translation, small mouf with some big ole teefs. And the x-ray revealed that I have two more impacted teeth that are in a kissing or tet-a-tet position. It was so phenomenal that all of the assistants were marveling at it. My parents heard them discussing my unique tooth anatomy in the waiting room, and interrupted.

Wait, wait, wait. Are we talking about my son? :cue black man anger:

And then it was all done. I did some research and found out that extra wisdom teeth are not uncommon. Also, that sometimes when a petite person and large person have a child you can get small jaws and large teeth aka impaction zone.


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