LOVE: Big Yellow Teddy Bear

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Tech & Design
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via The Daily What

Giant Yellow Teddy Bear of the Day

Reuters is reporting that a 23-foot high, 35,000 pound teddy bear sculpture will be displayed on Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan for the next five months, starting next week.

The untitled handiwork of New York-based Swiss artist Urs Fischer (“the Jeff Koons of his generation”) — which comes complete with a functional oversized lamp — will also be auctioned off at Christie’s’ May 11 Post-War & Contemporary art sale, where it’s expected to fetch at least $9 million.

“The anticipation is that it will make more than that,” Christie’s Brett Gorvy is quoted as saying. “There’s a very good chance it’s going to go to a museum or a private institution.”

I’m going to see this ASAP.


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